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      By Karen Garvey

I didn’t grow up as a little girl wanting to be an intuitive.  I didn’t 
fantasize about the idea of communicating with non-physical sources of
information.  I didn’t dream that I, or anyone, could ever tap into
universal truth for the most valuable information available anywhere.  
And yet, that’s exactly what I do.  

There are a lot of myths about what it means to be Intuitive.  The word “intuitive” is frequently used to describe one’s “gut feelings” or visceral responses. To me, “intuitive” means perceiving information that cannot be explained through earthly means.  The receipt of information can come in many forms:  clairvisually (seeing), clairvoyantly (a sense of “knowing”), clairaudiently (hearing), clairsentiently (feeling).  In addition, some psychics can attain otherworldly information through the sense of taste or smell.

Everyone is intuitive; however, the degree to which this ability is uncovered varies greatly from one person to another.  Those who least use their innate ability are likely to have picked up many misbeliefs about what it means to be human and/or they value their intellect as the only reliable means to receive direction or interact with the world.

That was me.  A long time ago, I valued my intelligence far more than any other modality.  What this reliance brought was a lot of brick walls and unhappiness.   When I discovered how to use my intellect to support my intuition though, everything changed for the better and continues to do so.

My life was so “normal” before my first clairvoyant experience on 9/11.  I had never even seen a psychic nor read a book by one.  When I set out to develop my ability, I did so in secrecy because I was initially too skeptical to reveal this strange new discovery to anyone.  My skepticism created a desire to prove that the information I received was reliable, so I spent thousands of hours validating the "answers" that I got. Because of my passion and persistence in developing my ability, I was able to uncover clairvisual, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient receipt of ethereal information. Once I had attained hundreds of pieces of evidence, and only then, did I begin to assist others through this source.  

To this day, I resist reading information related to universal truth, psychic abilities, past lives, or channeling.  In this way, I can receive my information firsthand avoiding the doubt that may come with having been previously exposed to the material.  It never stops awing me that the material I receive finds another conduit to earth virtually simultaneously as mine.  Time and time again, I release a book or article just to have the veracity of it validated through another source released elsewhere.

What differentiates me from other Intuitives?  My goal is to guide people to happiness and to reveal their best selves.  As such, I dedicate myself to communicating with sources of guidance that resonate with truth, sources based upon love, appreciation, and kindness.  From this wellspring, I believe the purest, most beneficial information comes forward for audiences and individual clients.  Intuitives who invoke fear, or create feelings of negativity have not yet traveled far enough along their personal enlightenment path to attune to Universal Knowledge in all its beauty.  Humans make things hard, but eternally, all that exists is harmonious, joyful, and complete with the energy of love.  

Further, I am grateful to the exceptional practitioners John Edward, George Anderson, et al., who attune to deceased loved ones to assist clients in finding peace in their loss or validating the eternal nature of our souls.  I also appreciate other intuitives, such as Esther Hicks channeling Abraham, or Jane Roberts’ receiving of credible volumes from the entity known as Seth, who each attune to specific souls for receipt of universal knowledge.  I enjoy contributing, along with these intuitives, to the growing body of knowledge that allows people to reconnect with their individual purpose, our collective purpose, and the powerful energy of love.  Happiness for one, and happiness for everyone, stems from this connection.

Basically, all otherworldly knowledge is attained by knowing how to tap into the river of universal knowledge, either by communicating with non-physical souls or by attuning to eternal answers.  I have discovered this conduit and attune as often as I choose to get “answers” to virtually any question, and to assist individuals in uncovering the answers within them.  Anyone can find greater happiness by either discovering this pathway or finding another conduit to it.  I am privileged to be able to provide that conduit.

To help shed the misbeliefs associated with words like psychic, medium, or intuitive, I simply act as a conduit to universal knowledge.


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Karen Garvey presents an ongoing dialogue between us and the energy realm, where questions posed to non-physical sources are answered on a continual basis, creating a growing volume of information.  Since no one audio program or book can contain ALL the answers to humans’ questions, this pathway allows for continuing communication between the two realms thus enabling the human realm to expand in awareness. 
Using the wisdom of Universal Truth, Karen gives extraordinary voice to our purpose on earth and how to use universal truth to live a very happy life.

For those who have ever enjoyed The Seth Material or Abraham-Hicks, read this modern powerful new account of life’s meaning and methods to realize remarkable improvements in their lives immediately.

THE ANSWERS teaches us about the existence of the uniqueness of our individual soul and why we chose a physical life.  Born with incredible insights and joy, we slowly disconnect from our source as layers of beliefs and camouflage are placed upon us.  Eventually, we acquire limiting beliefs and learn fear that diverts us from our intended quest.

Readers uncover the ability to reconnect to their higher selves, strip away ineffective thinking, and create happiness.
Let this book walk you through the steps to reconnect with your prosperous soul. The insights you gain will propel you toward understanding life and understanding your purpose.
to your questions about life
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Speaker, Author, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach

After obtaining her MBA, Karen L. Garvey acquired extensive business and writing experience, authoring/co-authoring many articles and books.  She presently addresses audiences and appears in the media about reaching success, offering practical guidance for discovering one's path to fulfillment.

Karen regularly connects with non-physical sources of guidance to provide frequent insights into our earthly existence, and enlightening essays for workshops, audio programs, and books. Her first book in THE ANSWERS SERIES is THE ANSWERS to your questions about life.

Karen offers one-on-one sessions with clients enabling them to connect with this source of on-going life guidance for clients seeking to excel.  To contact Karen for a session, or personal or professional coaching, please call 631.265.2982 or email sessions@ TheAnswersUnlimited.com.

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