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Choose your special word and take it with you always
Bracelets start at $12
Get yours now starting at ONLY $12
  • Choose your special WORD.  Any word you want.
  • Choose your disk and band colors
  • Choose clasp or adjustable
Make your statement, declare your intention to the world, and carry your focus with you every moment of the day...  nearby for reflection and reinforcement!

Each created with Karen Garvey & the energy of Soul Smart Wisdom. 
Disk choices 
      Colors: Antique Copper or Silver

Band choices
      Colors:  Black, Brown, Navy, Aquamarine, Powder-Blue
A portion of each bracelet sale goes to support Peace it Together.  
Every bracelet is custom made with loving attention specifically for you, then attached to an inspiration card displaying your specially chosen word. 
ANY word! 

All individually hand crafted with 
you in mind. 
Get started now. It is as easy as...
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What will inspire you?  

What will remind you of your power?

What have you overcome?

What drives you?