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Soul Smart Wisdom
Advanced Intution Class - Level II - Three Session Class
Past Life Discovery Class - Two Session Course
Exploring Autism  -  Two-hour Workshop
Developing your intuitive capabilities is one of the easiest ways to improve your journey, head towards success, and take the effort out of effort.  Your journey in achieving your desires in relationships, attaining material wealth, and optimizing your healthfulness will automatically become easier. 

By allowing your intuition to be your primary resource for information regarding decision making and unfolding your path, you will unfold your happiest path.

In four fun workshops, you will discover your best modalities for connecting intuitively and you will advance those methods.  The sessions are full of amazing impact and life-changing memorable awakenings that continue to grow long afterward.

If you have a group of associates, friends, and family members who would love to discover their own intuitive abilities, Karen will offer a class or workshop of your choosing at your office, home, or studio. 
Discover and Develop Your Intuition Class - Level I
Four-Session Course
Applying the Law of Attraction 
Two-Hour Workshop or 3-Session Course
I feel really privileged to be part of this group! 
–Lisa C., Philadelphia, PA

You... have brought me to a new enlightenment! 
- Drew S., Syosset, NY

I want to thank you for helping to open the door for me.  Every day is a new experience.  I feel so much more a part of the universe!  
- Lissel R., Florham Park, NJ

Thank you for your inspiring insights during the sessions.   I have always been fascinated by --- life, ESP, death, the hereafter and all the unknowns.   Your experiences and comments about the mysteries of the universe help to nourish and strengthen my intuitions and feelings.   
-Sydney P., Lake Success, NY

I would more than welcome the chance to attend a gathering and meet with like-minded people again. 
-Jeannette W., Babylon, NY

I feel like I stepped into another universe and I'm waiting to see who I'll meet here, my old life seems  different and a little far away. 
-Reginald B., Morristown, NJ 

Once again thank you for teaching me (other wise I might of wasted several life times trying to learn this stuff)
-Jeff S., Islip NY
Understand autism from a different perspective.  Karen's access to universal truth and global information about happenings on earth brings tremendous new insights into autism.
This enlightening session brings comfort, practical applications, and a sense of purpose to families and caregivers of autistic children.
Learn the day-to-day methods to use the Law of Attraction to create the life you desire.  It is one thing to understand in theory the law attraction, but it is far more practical to see for yourself how and why it works.  Exercises allow you to measure your thought energy in order to harness it and apply it. It is actually easier to do than you may suppose once you discover the practical steps that make it work consistently on your behalf.

Keep the momentum going!  Once your intuition has begun to shine and make a difference in your life, push your senses and abilities to the next level.  You are limitless and the more you expand, the happier you become.  This class allows personal intuitive abilities to reach new heights.  Watch how fun life becomes!
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Learn more about YOU in this life by visiting YOU in previous lives. Past life information adds intrigue and enlightening details into this lifetime and assists you in discovering more about your soul's intent and your path to happiness.  No meditation necessary.  Karen attunes to your previous travels and assists you in your own discovery.
There are several ways to enjoy soulful expansion with author, speaker, intuitive, & Life Coach Karen Garvey!

1. One-on-One Coaching Sessions
2. Attend Karen's public seminars and workshops: Events Calendar or 
3. Host a class.  Check out many of the suggested course topics below.
          Enjoy hosting your own group workshop or seminar.
          Tuition is free to you and you choose the focus, details, dates. Watch for upcoming public class offerings. 

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Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach
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