What you may expect:

To uncover your purpose thru soulful expansion

Discovery of a positive direction 

To improve your career path or realize your passion

To learn strategies that allow life to become easier and more rewarding

Peace of mind

Guidance implementing the important strategies for success from Money Wisdom and THE ANSWERS to your questions about life

To learn how to improve your wealth, health, or relationships

Understand your Soul's Eternal Journey
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Personal and Professional Coaching
with Karen Garvey
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Long before the term "Life Coach" became widespread, Karen L. Garvey was working with clients to enable them to uncover their personal best. 

There is a lot of truth to the phrase, “life is a game.”  In fact, most of what we perceive as immutable or random is not. Life success requires understanding the balance between allowing your mind and spirit to work together with your body.  It also means comprehending that your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs create the reality in your personal game of life.  These tools, which take the mystery out of attaining happiness, are strategies that will take root within you and accelerate your LIFE LONG successfulness.  As a Life Strategist, Karen empowers you with devices that you carry forever and cannot UN-learn.

Why Karen?

Coaching with Karen goes beyond ordinary life coaching for several reasons:
  • She walks the walk.  Karen’s understanding of life success strategies are applied for happiness in her own life.  It’s not theory.  She lives it. 
  • As a business person, she helps guide clients in areas of career direction and success.  The knowledge is not limited to experience, book information, or her MBA training; it is supplemented by a source of great wisdom – guides!  Your guides, your higher self, and the universe as a whole are eager to have the chance to bring you to your greatest accomplishments and your greatest joy.
  • The shortcuts towards what you want are laid forth.  You can compress the length of time it takes for you to realize the relationships, prosperity, and healthfulness goals you set.
  • Karen has worked at learning and implementing the strategies that help to make life easy.  These tools include developing confidence, focus, intuition, self-love, time management, goal-setting, surrender, overcoming obstacles, decision-making, and finding solutions.
  • She can see, hear, or sense your best path and help unfold it with you.
How often do we meet?

Some clients enjoy sessions once per week, while others prefer once per month.  You set the pace of your sessions, even if the schedule is irregular.  You are the director of your journey and you best understand what you want and what you feel is appropriate.  The greatest element of discovery is that you have powers beyond your realization.  Uncover them with Karen.

Who does Karen typically work with on a regular basis?

Karen’s clients are so diverse that it is a testament to the individuality of humans, and also to the commonality, because we are all seeking happiness – our personal definitions of happiness.  Her client have ages have been diverse from 9 to 74.  Clients' religious beliefs range from agnostic to those who practice Christianity, Judaism, Kabbalah, to those who simply believe in the spirit of the universe and the power within.  Karen works with CEOs, students, attorneys, accountants, teachers, entrepreneurs, dentists, and so on.  She works with those seeking marriage, divorce, transition, direction, healthfulness, career change, an understanding of their life purpose, and answers to their never-ending questions.







What is the difference between Karen’s sessions and those of other “life coaches"? 

The primary difference in working with Karen is that her intuitive ability allows her to “open” to sources of guidance who often understand your earth journey better than you do.  Souls without bodies are not encumbered by masks or misbeliefs.  They can see clearly your struggles, your successes, your dreams, and even your soul’s intent.  

In addition to knowing you so well, they also can look forward in time at possible occurrences.  By glancing into the future, your guides can direct you towards thoughts, actions, beliefs, and strategies that will bring you to your happiest path.  It is like taking a success shortcut.  Rather than guessing or stumbling through options, your guides can help you find clarity.

Life Coaches vary in competency and effectiveness just as in any other profession.  One indication of an especially effective coach is recommendations from those who have gained tremendous success.  Karen’s client base is comprised entirely of referrals.  She does not advertise or blog her successes (although should she be blogging and twittering?).

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Enhance your life … in EVERY WAY!

Coaching with your guides’ input shaves years off the path to finding your best happiness.  Souls who know your journey better than you could possibly understand it while inhabiting a body will help you discover your soul’s intent, your essence, your quest, all while enabling you to improve your relationships, your health, and your physical wealth.  

We are always seeking answers.  Let your guides guide you – profoundly and without limits.  Knowing you as well as they do, they consistently show sensitivity for your personal desires, quests, and always at a pace within your individual comfort zone.  They may take you to places such as (but not limited to): 

  • An understanding of your present path.  Examining your choices, your desires, and your perceived challenges can open new routes for happiness. A comprehension of your harmony or lack of harmony in relationships, health, or abundance can help you change limiting patterns and allow your personal greatness to take root.

  • A clear vision of a professional course of action that will align you with more wealth and fulfillment.

  • Your future possibilities.  There is no such thing as destiny; the power of your future lies within every present moment.  Let your guides indicates possible futures and how to get there.  All their input is filled with love, optimism, and enthusiasm.  

  • Your greater connection with your guides.  Guides can teach you specifically how to enhance your understanding of their guidance – how to connect and perhaps see, feel, sense, or hear them.  By understanding your personal propensity for connecting, your guides will enable you to maximize your interaction with them.

  • Your past lives.  It’s intriguing and revealing how the thread of previous earth lives propels this journey.  Knowing your previous experiences helps to make senses of those elements of your character, your desires, and even your missteps that have eluded you, thus bringing you ever closer to your quest.

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to your questions about life
to your questions about life
Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach
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Soul Smart Wisdom Coaching Program
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Now is the time to move ahead.  Finding what you want is possible and today is the day to start.
What is the cost?

A one-hour coaching session is $185 for the first session and $165 for additional session within 30 days.   Scheduling sessions at regular intervals shortens the path to happiness.  Through "Interval Discovery" (regular sessions), the Universe provides the textbook for growth in your awareness between sessions.  Let time be your ally by focusing on positive change and tapping into Universe's powerful ability to assist the growth you are seeking.
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