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 Ph: 631.265.2982
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"Planting the Seeds"
Social Media
Community Outreach
Art & Creation
Create, post, share, and maintain FB, Twitter, Instagram, postings, videos, and memes.
We're looking for volunteers to create graphic design, logos, advertising, public relations concepts, copy, & messaging.  
​Meeting our intention takes courage.  We will provide training, scripts, and practice to all who would like the boost.  College and High School students who want to represent their schools will be given the tools and encouragement they need to feel powerful and motivated.
Let's get the word out.  Do you have good ideas to get sponsors and people involved?  We need your great mind :-)
Physically, there will be a lot of cutting, assembling, mailing, labeling, etc.  We already have some hosts volunteering to house these fun get-togethers. 
Committee preference:
Are you tired of the negativity, fear, and hatred around you?  Would you like to do more than simply share positive stories on your social media sites?  Want to get involved in creating the change that you want to see in the world?  … then join us!

The time is now.  No more talking, or feeling like we can’t make a difference.  It’s time for us (from our Enlightenment Power Groups, seminars, Karen's private groups, & friends) to CREATE the world we want to live in.  Let's build it together.

Starting on April 15th, we will hold a series of events designed to turn society’s focus onto love, peace, and joy!  Our first event was “Planting the Seeds”.  Click the link for details on our FB events page.

Our events will take planning and coordination, so we are asking people to step up and be part of it.  Join or chair a committee.  If you have a special skill or something you’d like to try… then now is the time.  Every minute, idea, or donation you provide will go a looooooooong way!

Email, call, use the form submission below, or  join our private FB group and let’s get started…We can make a real difference!

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Current Committees
April 15, 2017
I can chair this committe
There are costs involved: supplies, postage, social media boosts, and gifts.  We will also raise money to support our sponsors' charitable organizations of choice.
Join us for our "Peace it Together" kick-off event! We are combining our thinking, feeling, and believing about the possibility of a growing the world in which we want to live, and taking the action to make it happen. After individually and collectively declaring our intentions* for personal growth and humanity’s growth, we will plant these intentions wrapped around flower bulbs at pre-approved public gardens on April 15, 2017.

"The Big Give"
June 21, 2017
Our second event will feature giving a special gift to strangers as we look to spread our positive intentions and happiness.
"Love Rocks!"
September 22, 2017
December 21, 2017
Join the "Peace it Together" FB Group  #PeaceItTogether
Help "Peace it Together" carry out its mission.  
Give whatever you can to show your support!
Help Peace it Together carry out its mission.  
Give whatever you can to show your support!
Planning Meeting!   (Click image to enlarge)
12:00pm Northport VA Medical Hospital - Intention Ceremony and planting of the bulbs. Directions
2:00pm Kiss My Cake - Participants can choose to plant their intentions in planters being provided by the cupcake shop in Huntington Village!  Afterwards we will enjoy coffee and specially designed cupcakes.
Store info:
Get your Soul Smart Wisdom Bracelet and for each purchase a portion of the sale is donated to Peace it Together.
Choose your special word and we will create a bracelet just for you!

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Planting the Seeds: 4/15/17   (Click image to enlarge)