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Karen Garvey ANSWERS About Series:
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Compact Disk    $16.99
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Self-Hypnosis CDs based on
THE ANSWERS to your questions about life
created by Striker Corbin, CH
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MP3 Download
  Sent to you immediately    $9.99
Compact Disk    $16.99
MP3 Download     $9.99
Compact Disk    $16.99
MP3 Download     $9.99
MP3 Download     $9.99
Compact Disk    $16.99
Compact Disk    $16.99
MP3 Download     $9.99

5 Compact Disks   $67.96
 5 MP3 Downloads   $39.96
Special - GET BOTH and SAVE  
    Life is Good & It's Within You 
2 -  MP3 Downloads   $17.98
Get ALL 5 of the above sessions for the price of 4!
Discover the causes of fear.
How can you eliminate or lessen fear?  
Take back control.
Create a more confident future.      (38 Mins.)

ANSWERS ABOUT- Self Love & Unconditional Love
Understand the Principles of Love.
How does unconditional love protect you?
Learn about soul songs and 
find out information about soul mates.     (40 Mins.)
Learn how your beliefs create your level of abundance.
How can you attract wealth into your life?
Discover how to realize a more abundant future.
(43 mins.)
What is our purpose on earth?
Why did we choose a physical life?
What is a quest and how can it be uncovered?  (43 mins)
Learn how your beliefs work in conjunction with your health.
How can you improve your health?   (58 mins.)
MP3 Download     $9.99
The highly popular mood-lifting CD that helps you feel positive and
optimistic.  Put The Law of Attraction to work for you!
We were each born with an intimate knowledge of love, joy and success.Over time our strengths have been covered by incorrect beliefs.Take back your life by listening to this 
amazingly enlightening CD.
MP3 Download     $9.99
 Ph: 866.263.3879 
to your questions about life
to your questions about life
Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach

Session One:  What is gratitude? How awareness can help experience gratitude.  Law of Attraction.  Quick gratitude exercise.  Turning a ‘bad day’ into a ‘good day.’  Letting go.  Exploring self-gratitude.  The Well and the Fountain. 30 min

Session Two:  Eliminating guilt.  Self-love.  Finding your personal appreciation.  From worry to joy.  Gratitude practice when you get bad news.  What do you want for your life?  Challenge can be a spark.  Unconscious beliefs.  Gratitude meditation. 40 min.

Session Three:  Love yourself.  Belief systems.  Relationships.  Giving and receiving love.  Harmonious communication.  Difficult people.  Changing participation.  Paying attention to whats going on around you.  Your thoughts.  Choice Exercise.  40 min.
MP3 Version
$24.99 CDs
Gratitude Audio Series - All 3 Sessions 2-CD Set
$6.00 MP3
$6.00 MP3
$6.00 MP3
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Gratitude Audio Series - 3 Sessions
by Karen L. Garvey & Matthew O'Grady
THE ANSWERS to your questions about gratitude
Beyond Celestial Winds
Resounds with fresh energy and inspired passion. Recorders with Spanish and Classical Guitars, Piano and contemporary instrumentation.
Ancient Treasures
Ancient Treasures is a peaceful, yet uplifting relaxation CD that in style is somewhere between Bliss and Creation. It is unique in that unlike most new age CD's, you are rejuvenated by the end of the CD, instead of asleep.  Instrumentation: Recorders, Celtic Harp, Guitar Synthesizer, Piano.
Harps & Recorders with a gentle, mystical undercurrent of modern rhythms.
Recorders, Guitars and modern instrumentation. Up-tempo, light and happy (the title describes this well).

Deep Spirit
Recorders, Piano, Spanish & Classical Guitar with a Native American Indian flavor.

Meditative Music by David Young
“All of this relaxing music comes from my heart and was created to give people a positive alternative, a sense of peace that makes life more enjoyable.”  - David Young 
CD $15.00
CD $15.00
CD $15.00
CD $15.00
CD $15.00
Inner Journeys
Recorders with a pulsing undercurrent of Acoustic and Electric Guitars, African Tonal Drums, and keyboards.  Exotic and Energetic.
CD $15.00
CD $15.00
The Mystery of Destiny
A meditative walk through the concept of destiny.  Songs include: Walking In The Rain, A Walk Through Life, Greatness - I Wait For You, The Mystery Of Destiny, I Could Fly Away With You,  Ready To Stand On My Own 

Harness the Power of 2012 Cd - LIVE Seminar recording!
Missed the seminar? Get the live recording now!
Recorded live on January 22, 2012
This 2 CD set is over 2 hours long and contains all of the terrific insights shared by 
Karen at this wonderful event.                        
2 CD Set $20

The Year Before Us - LIVE Seminar recording!
Recorded live on January 27, 2013
Improve your life by understanding and tapping into the Energy of the New Year.  
2 CD set includes the "I AM" Exercise.
2 CD Set $20
Karen Garvey Seminars Recorded LIVE

The Year Before Us 2014 - LIVE Seminar recording!
Recorded live on January 25, 2014
Move from Fear to Freedom!   Accept the partnership that the universe provides in assisting you to reach your goals  and learn Karen's technique of Beware, Declare, Share, and Wear.                                                                                                                                                                                      
2 CD Set $20

The Year Before Us 2015 - LIVE Seminar recording!
Recorded live on January 24, 2015
Power Through!  Almost 3 hours of new Karen Garvey information.     
Live as if you know that you are eternal
Integrate that You are as important as Everything & Everything is as important as You
Get Karen's 16 "Gems"  and much more...                                                                                                                                                                                  
2 CD Set $20
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