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to your questions about life
by Karen L. Garvey

Before receiving this book, my fleeting intuitive sense began to strengthen, often in very compelling ways.  I began to pick up on events immediately after they occurred, but before they were publicly known such as 9/11 and the tsunami in Southeast Asia.  Although the information I received was often regarding tragic events, I didn’t feel any negative emotions as I sensed the events.  Instead, I was filled with an awareness about the “universal” reasons why they had occurred and an understanding of how different souls participated for the greater enlightenment of humankind.  I usually experienced a sense of peace with this knowledge.

I welcomed the strengthening sense and set out to develop it further.   Progress was so rapid, it was startling.  I look back and realize that events and people I had been attracting in over the prior five-to-seven years had been preparing me for this leap.  Further, by setting out to strengthen my ability, I granted permission to the entities to communicate with me.  

Receiving this book was extraordinary, but it was no accident.  I have learned that effective, beneficial communications with entities requires permission.  Although your guides work towards establishing communication with you, it is not until you acknowledge the assistance and become open to it that communications can grow.  By opening up to the guidance, you are granting permission.

The experiences since have been profound and intense.  I am in awe of all that I’ve learned and the great value of the experiences that I’ve had and continue to have.  It’s comforting and inspiring to know that we all have the ability to improve our lives, to live happily, and to enjoy ourselves on this physical plane.  It’s also a great assurance to know that we are eternal and this life is just one experience in the vast journey of our souls.

When I think back on this path of learning, I realize the huge commitment I made and the dedication it took, but oddly, it never felt like work.  I remember times in my past when I was painting and I’d look at the clock only to discover that it was one o’clock in the morning.  Time flew because I was engrossed and totally passionate about what I was doing.  I feel the same way when I work psychically.  I hunger for more and more information and experiences with this other realm.  

This book was communicated to me through daily essays.  At the onset of each session, the entities communicated with me until they were confident that I was connecting accurately.  Also, they often gave me information that was of value in my personal life, guidance that I cherish.  The daily warm-ups and personal material have been removed from the public transcript.

It is my firm desire that this gift changes your life and your thinking for the better the way it has mine.  This is

… just the beginning.
  • why you are here
  • how to be happy
  • how to get what you want
  • what happens when we die
  • how to improve wealth, health, relationships, and abundance
  • to obtain the life you desire

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to your questions about life
to your questions about life
Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach
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