"I feel really privileged to be part of this group!"  –Lisa C., Philadelphia, PA

"You... have brought me to a new enlightenment!"  - Drew S., Syosset, NY

"I want to thank you for helping to open the door for me.  Every day is a new experience.  I feel so much more a part of the universe!"  
- Lissel R., Florham Park, NJ

"I would more than welcome the chance to attend a gathering and meet with like-minded people again."  -Jeannette W., Babylon, NY

"I feel like I stepped into another universe and I'm waiting to see who I'll meet here, my old life seems  different and a little far away." 
-Reginald B., Morristown, NJ 

"Once again thank you for teaching me (other wise I might of wasted several life times trying to learn this stuff." -Jeff S., Islip NY


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The Answers

Reviewer:  Lisa Leib (Fort Salonga, NY)

The Answers is an excellent example of the rediscovery of spirituality that is going on in today's world. The Answers presents this great higher vibrational level of living with freshness and universality that engages an individual at the deepest level; inspiring the reader to be drawn in - to want to know how to live more joyfully. Karen is a gentle, gifted and compassionate guide whose stories and analogies are enlightening and, more importantly, touching. The Answers extends this tremendous desire for union with spirituality. The Answers has engaged me to commit, to give this way of living a chance. I am looking forward to having all my dreams come true.
The most AMAZING book- EVER!

Reviewer: Adele M. DeNovio (Kings Park, NY) 

The Answers, written by Karen Garvey is absolutely one of my favorite books ever! The title is perfect because it really does answer so many spiritual questions that many people may have. Karen's insight and her gentle but thorough way of explaining things really makes sense. I have found that at many times when I am at a cross roads I reference the book and I always feel a great sense of comfort and understanding. I love her explanation of the vibrational energies and the way she explains the strong and everlasting love that continues after someone has passed. 
Karen explains, "All entities understand that loving bonds on earth will reconnect...entities know that they can reconnect with you across the physical/non-physical realms anytime you are ready and willing." 

The Answers is a must read for the beginner who is seeking information about spiritual understanding or for the veterans that are still seeking more knowledge. The material in this book will bring great comfort, knowledge, and everlasting peace- and if you follow the principals- it WILL change your life. Make your list! 

I have applied the principals that Karen offers in her book and I am living the most abundant life because of it. Karen explains the importance of `universal truth' and how the "best path may not be the simplest one." Karen explains that by being consciously aware that you really do have the ability and power to create your own reality. I have applied the 15 minutes a day ritual for many months and my life has and continues to be completely abundant. 

I highly recommend this book- I love, love, love it! 

Great Reading! Great Message! Great Guidance!

Reviewer:  Joanne Henig "A.M." (W. Islip, NY) - 

"The Answers", by Karen L. Garvey, came to me at exactly the right time in my life. I am RE-READING ... STUDYING ... DISSECTING ... this book. Very powerful Karen. Very powerful. Nothing is commonplace any longer. I was always a great believer in forces greater than anything any human could see or touch. But Ayn Rand, through Karen L. Garvey, surely confirmed something much more superior than this earthly life. I am in the process of putting to task all that "The Answers" requires of me; as the student and the reader. I expect to live an even better, more fulfilling life (which is hard for me because my life has been so great)! My immediate goal is to share the book's amazing messages and insight with as many people as I can. The human race needs to hear it and live it!
The Answers

Reviewer:  S. Burton (Winter Park, CO USA) 

What a profound book! The writings cause you to examine your beliefs, especially as you read passages that seem to speak directly to your soul.
Joyful life!!!

Reviewer:  Kenneth L. Teape 

If your purpose is to live the most joyful life, the book THE ANSWERS gives you an easy clear path to follow. What I found is that my abstract thoughts about why we are here and how to live a meaningful life were articulated here and it's refreshing to discover the truth in this book. I feel more certain than ever that I direct my life and I'm very happy to apply this book's messages for a happier path. Even when your beliefs may differ from ones put forth, there is more than enough substance presented to put you on a path to true happiness.
 Ph: 866.263.3879 
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to your questions about life
to your questions about life
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