Oftentimes, the emotional reality you experience is based more upon what you expect rather than on what is happening.  During this season of holidays and the passage into the New Year, try to acknowledge what you expect from deep within you.  What has your personal history taught you?  Have you been deeply satisfied traditionally during the holidays?  Have family and friends embraced you?  Do you feel loved and welcomed?  Do you feel good about yourself and your ability to be the kind of person you would like to be?

How have your past New Years been?  Have you been lonely?  Anxious?  Optimistic?  Have you felt confident or inferior?  Overwhelmed or capable?  

An important step toward creating the reality you want this year is to determine your thoughts, feelings, and experiences from past years.  As an example, think about a time when someone consistently did something that annoyed you, such as arrived late without the courtesy of a phone call.  Suppose this person arrives late this year.  Your expectation is met and your reaction is likely to be based on not simply the momentary event, but on the history of this person’s lateness.  What if you embraced this person’s tardy tendency instead?  Suppose you think to yourself, “He’s always late, but there are so many things about him I love.  I will not take it personally this year.  I will accept him for who he chooses to be.”

Your feelings and reactions, thus outcomes, are likely to repeat themselves if you are unaware of the effect history has had on your expectations.  Does one lonely holiday guarantee another lonely holiday?  No … but it becomes more likely if you expect to be lonely again.   Notice if you brace yourself for any particular circumstance or feeling this season.  What are you trying to protect yourself from?

Spending time determining subtle or overt expectations enables you to embrace the positive and change the negative.  Embrace those expectations that you discover and mindfully replace the negative with positive possibilities.  By recognizing that you may fear repeats of past disappointments, you can envision a season when you are feeling happy and satisfied.  You can also create a vision of what you do want for today, tomorrow, and in the New Year.  Focusing on who you want to be surrounded by, how you want to feel, and what you want to do helps magnetize those opportunities into your reality.  Past patterns of reactive situations will be averted and you can begin a new tradition of choosing to accept yourself, others, and circumstances despite imperfections.  Keep remembering that everyone is doing the best that he or she can within his level of awareness, including you.  Remind yourself that happiness is not a product of what happens outside of you, but what happens inside of you.  

Stay connected to strengthening your positive expectations and watch the beauty of the holiday season unfold with magic.  Step into the turning calendar with newly discovered optimism and allow this New Year to carry you to a place of inner bliss and peace.

Happy Holidays!

What others are saying:
“I just wanted you to know that I am still reeling from the session.  It was sooo very powerful, loving and wonderful.  I felt so comfortable with you and when you were speaking I could feel the love coming through.   It’s difficult putting the experience into words, so thank you, thank you, thank you!  I have had many reading and this was by far the clearest and most helpful to me.  You have such a positive message that really needs to be heard at this time on EARTH.  Anxiously anticipating our next session!!!”  
-Tracy M.  Phila., PA    

“I wanted to say thank you. After meeting you and reading your book, your words continue to encourage my awareness on a daily basis. I have grown exponentially and have been so inspired by your messages that they are a permanent influence on my growth. As I continue, I hope to be able to share this with others and I do every day. Your book THE ANSWERS has had the single largest impact on me to date, and for that I thank you.”  -Jenny Patterson Israel 


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to your questions about life
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