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Every negative emotion is triggered by a misbelief and is not based upon univeral truth. 
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By Karen L. Garvey & her guides

Each New Year brings a fresh opportunity to evaluate one’s life. This is your year.  Every day is another opportunity to ignite the power within you to achieve whatever you want.   In order to begin the New Year charged with an energy of excitement and optimism, here are ten helpful tips:

  • Look at what you want, not what you don’t want.  Let your desires be your guiding force. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, focus on what can (and will) be improved.
  • Eliminate regret.  Regretting where you are at presently (weight, education, family, finances, etc.) serves only to cement you to a non-productive pattern.  
  • Change emerges from the belief that the change is possible.  Believe that the changes you would like to make are possible.
  • Seek an encouragement buddy.  This person can have the same goals as you or can be venturing on an entirely different path of improvement.  Support each other by encouraging self-belief and complimenting achievements. 
  • Surround yourself with supporting messages, groups, books, and images. Deliberately and intentionally seek a deepening connection with those who support your improved life views.
  • Ask questions of like-minded people who have achieved your goals.  
  • Activate CHOICE.  The power to choose is one of the most important tools available to shift your paradigm. Choose your thoughts, actions, feelings, friends, focus, beliefs, and determination.
  • Write down what you want.  Reread it, tweak it, upgrade it, and love it regularly.
  • Use your imagination.  There are infinite ways from here to there.  The experts do not have all the answers.  Convention does not have all the answers.  The answers are within you.  Clear your mind and brainstorm possibilities. 
  • Partner with the power of mantras or affirmations. Try these, create your own, or seek others:

a.  I can do it
b.  I will do it
c.  The past is past; my future lies in the present
d.  I am all that I need to be
e.  I am lovable 
f.  I am beautiful
g.  I create a great life
h.  I am a magnet for clients
i.  I am a magnet for harmonious relationships
j.  I am a magnet for happy happenings
k.  I have the ability to shield myself from the negativity
l.  I am unstoppable
m.  This is going to be a GREAT year
n.  My body is my friend and supports me in all I do
o.  I am the director of my journey
p.  I love my life
q.  I am limitless
r.  Every step is a step closer to what I desire
s.  Life is meant to be fun
t.  My determination surprises me
u.  I welcome change
v.  I love being imperfect
w.  Abundance finds me
x.  I can do anything
y.  I am entitled to prosperity, happiness, joy, and freedom
z.  I am confident

Go to it!  And may this year be centered around the ignition of your limitless self.  This year you can achieve possibilities that parallel you with your fullest power.