Trade the Struggles for ease
An effortless journey is not possible, but effort does not necessarily mean struggle.

A life of ease is far more possible than most people believe.  A commitment to understanding the universal principles of life allows the struggle to dissolve and the effort to be an energy of focus, belief, and joy.

When one believes that each person is traveling an individual autonomous journey, they reject the universal principle that we are all connected.  Kindness to the souls of others, in our actions and in our deeds, allows the interconnectedness of people to benefit us.  You may suppose that the premise is you catch more flies with honey, but the reality is far more significant.  Your energy of intent in kindness opens doors of smooth interactions.  By believing that all people are basically kind and treating all as such, you align with the unfolding of an easier path.

Think about a business transaction.  Suppose you believe that all negotiators are deceitful.  What do you think you are likely to experience in a negotiation?  Yes – some level of discord.  Now perhaps you think that you will have discord because all negotiators are deceitful, but this perspective is not true.  What is true is that such a businessperson will be drawn into your path like a magnet, readily finding the attraction to your belief.  However, if you fundamentally believe that people are fair, kind and well meaning, then you will attract such a negotiator into your path and the result will be a smoother negotiation.

At this point, many people think, “I thought every thing would be great, yet the people there were deceitful anyway!”   At some point during the transaction, some circumstance triggered a non-supportive belief within you.  Perhaps, you have a general mistrust in business people.  Perhaps you mistrusted some characteristic of this businessperson.  These beliefs may be so subtle that you are not conscious that they exist.  For example, when you were a little child, a man with red hair may have been extremely unkind to you, unprovoked, and left you feeling shaken.  Now the man in your transaction may have red hair and elicit a feeling of insecurity or mistrust in you, setting a new path in motion.  

You needn’t be aware of all the subtle misbeliefs you hold in order to eliminate them.  In regards to people, simply focus continuously on the belief that all people are good and well-intentioned.  There will be some curmudgeons or misanthropes stuck in queue attracted to your former beliefs who will become apparent.  However, the percentage of such interactions will steadily decline in proportion to the increase in your improved reflections.

In addition to aligning with the principle that we are all interconnected, you can smooth your path by aligning with the principle that you are entitled to, and can have, all that you desire.

Many on earth suppose limits; there is a cap on happiness, wealth, or good health that any one person can experience.  Luck, perhaps destiny, is the decider.  This perspective is untrue.  Every person is entitled to and capable of enjoying a harmonious, abundant life.  Perhaps misbeliefs have steered the journey off-course, yet major corrections are possible beginning any given moment.

Realize that you can adjust course now.  Believe that it is possible to achieve your desires.  Surround yourself with thoughts, suggestions, teachers, books, and so on, which support this powerful truth.  Deliberately allow this focus to grow.  And grow.  And grow.

It is possible.  Trade the bumpy path for the smoother one.  Trade the struggles for the ease.  

Believe that people are kind and well intentioned.
Believe that you are entitled and can achieve all you desire.  

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