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The process begins the moment a person realizes that there is more to life than what we can perceive through our fives senses.  It begins with curiosity, questioning life, asking questions like “why,” “how,” and “how come?” - Karen Garvey, Enlightenment
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By Karen L. Garvey & her guides

What is enlightenment?

This term is tossed around loosely, sometimes meaning that a person has true inner wisdom and sometimes used in judgment of someone’s quality of lifestyle.  Before my “accidental” enlightenment, I was not a fan of the term.  To me, it was an airy-fairy notion all wrapped in some love beads.  Having gone through a strange, unexpected path of awakening, however, I view the term and the process quite differently.

Now I define enlightenment quite simply as, “an enlightened individual lives awake and an unenlightened individual lives asleep.”  The spectrum of asleep to awake is quite vast. 

As I look around today’s world, I see many people who live asleep.  They toss litter out the window, call their kids awful names, show hatred towards people who are different, or feel superior because of their gender, ethnicity, religion, education, wealth, job title, or any other external factor.  They judge, they complain, they are rude, they act entitled and ignorant.  They also believe that life happens to them and they have no involvement in the way it unfolds.  You’ve met people like these.

How is enlightenment achieved?

It’s worth discovering the path because living awake is far more fun than living asleep.

First, when I refer to my own enlightenment, does it mean that I think I’m finished?  Definitely not.  Not here, there, or anywhere.  If I were finished, I’d be bored.  The only thing constant that we can be sure of is change.  So I will change and keep changing eternally.  I prefer to think of enlightenment as the journey through the spectrum of asleep to awake rather than the result.  

The process begins the moment a person realizes that there is more to life than what we can perceive through our fives senses.  It begins with curiosity, questioning life, asking questions like “why,” “how,” and “how come?”  The questions invite in answers and the answers resonate with truth.  They feel irrefutable.  They feel like “aha” moments.  As the process of questioning and “receiving” answers increases, the profundity of the integrated wisdom increases.

Some basic truths become accepted and the thrill of the new wisdom often stimulates more questions.  It may begin with “Why me?” and be answered by “Everything happens for a reason.”  This answer leads to “What was the reason?”  And this question leads to, “Within every challenge there is a benefit.”  Next comes, “What is the benefit to me in this challenge?”

It’s a journey.  It’s a question asked and a question answered.  It’s a curious mind turning over the answer and forming the next question.   

How do the questions get answered?

I refer to eternal wisdom as the river of universal knowledge.  All of humanity has the ability to attune to this river to ascertain answers, either directly or indirectly.  Directly means that the answer pops into one’s head and resonates with such wisdom as to be undeniable.  Indirectly means that the question leads to a source, a source that is a conduit to universal wisdom.  The source can be a person, a book, a religion, a philosophy, etc.  Once the question is formed, the infinite wisdom of the universe will allow a source to be noticed to enhance the journey of discovery for the individual.

The validity of the process can be noted by witnessing wisdom retold and restated throughout history by all different people through all different methods of delivery.  A two-hundred-year-old quote becomes the basis for a popular self-help book in 2012, yet the author never heard the quote.  Music by a 1960’s band mimics the messages of a 14th century philosopher whose works were unknown to the band members.  A five-year old girl in California and an 80-year old man in Israel each describe their near-death experience portraying the same images.  I have many personal examples of this process, too.  I released the book, The Answers, during the same month that The Secret was released, each book containing remarkably similar passages.  I wrote an essay for my Ambassador Coaching program and a client emailed a similar essay written by Ester Hicks months later.  I speak about topics during seminars, information that I’m “receiving” as I speak, and audience members come up to me afterward and tell me about major works by theorists or scientists describing the same content.

The answers come.  And they resonate.  An answer based upon universal wisdom sticks.  And enfolded within all wisdom is the essence of love.  All universal truth holds the vibration of love.   

If you want to bring in the happiness that parallels the path of enlightenment, this month, be curious about the meaning of life and the happenings around you.  Form questions.  Seek answers.

Beyond ordinary questioning, certain questions can help you leap ahead on the path of enlightenment.  Ponder these questions: 

Is this thought a loving thought?
Were my actions filled with kindness?
Do I respect the earth and the planet?
Am I accepting and loving myself?
Am I being judgmental?

Pay attention to how your thoughts and actions radiate (or do not radiate) with the quality of love.  Be a little more loving.  Be a little kinder.  Be a little more patient.  Pump it up!

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