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Fear Materializing Into Physical Reality
By Karen L. Garvey & her guides

Suppose you fear running out of money.  For years you plug along, paying bills, affording few luxuries or niceties, and you consistently manage to pay your bills.  You are always afraid that you’re going to run out, however.  

Suddenly, your fear materializes before you.  You do not have enough money to pay next month’s bills.  We are not discussing fear anymore … since the event that was feared is now real – we are discussing how to face the challenge.

Let’s discuss the process of fear manifesting. You are a physical being experiencing Earth University.  It’s a place where you discover, through specific vehicles, that your thought energy (and collective thought energy) reflects in your physical reality.  When your thoughts (and/or the thoughts of others) collect, they amass an energy that affects your physical life circumstances.   An inability to respond to arising fearful thoughts (inertia) sometimes creates an opportunity for grandstanding circumstances.  For example, if you have for years pretty much disregarded your daughter, then a fear of yours, something dreadful happening to someone in your family, may just grandstand its appearance to present you with an opportunity to snap out of your inertia – your unwillingness to acknowledge her in a positive way.  This may happen through injury or accident or her moving out, it doesn’t matter what wave carries the message.

This scenario is highly possibly because given your treatment of her, she is likely looking for evidence of your love.  A challenge which would cause your acknowledgement of her would provide the opportunity – therefore, this circumstance satisfies two needs, 1. Your need to start appreciating her and 2. her need to feel that you love her.

Your inertia caused circumstances, or contributed to circumstances, being stirred up.  Every challenge provides an opportunity and the opportunity is usually personal not random.  

Back to our fear of running out of money, how long did you have this fear?  If the possibility as you understood it of money becoming in short supply persisted, why didn’t you take action to avoid it?  You, perhaps, could have gone for additional training to improve your skills and income potential.  You could have job searched in order to step up your salary with another firm.  You could have approached your human resources department about a career track that may improve your possible future income.  You could have developed spiritual tools to help you to magnetize other methods of attracting in abundance. There are many alternatives.

You had options, but apparently, the pain of worrying was not great enough to cause you to act.  Now you have to act because you are at the end of the line.  You are likely brainstorming ways out of this mess at this point.

The answer of course lies in preventing your fears from coming true by acting in advance of the ones that are really possible – not just figments of an overactive imagination.  If your fear is actually a possibility, then act accordingly.  Get the roof fixed before your house floods.

Acting in advance of the challenge is of little comfort to you now – since the challenge exists.  Know this: The path towards overcoming this challenge is going to unfold.  You will come out of it through will, persistence, imagination, and strength.  While you are going through it, you can smile or cry.  Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?  The challenge is going to be resolved.  You can smile or you can cry.  Interestingly, by the nature of the law of attraction, if you smile, the challenge’s resolution will come more easily than if you are embittered and full of debilitating fear.

The problem exists. The fear manifested. Creatively seek a solution, and you will because you are resilient and wise, by becoming conscious of your focus.  How much thought energy are you dedicating to “what is wrong”?  How much thought energy are you dedicating toward positive solutions?  To optimistic feelings?  To releasing limiting fears that precipitated the challenge to begin with?  Earth University will provide you with the opportunity to get control over your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions, by contrasting the reality you want with one you don’t want.  The more you don’t want your circumstances, the more inclined you will be to seek alternative perspectives and remedies.  These challenges all lead to the same road – to awaken you to the power of your thoughts and your focus, and to allow you to discover the power you have to alter your path by altering your thoughts.

In addition to getting creative and getting into the driver’s seat of your mind, don’t forget to seek the reason why this challenge was presented to you.  There was an opportunity and perhaps, next time, when you have an issue, or fear, or inertia, you can act in advance without welcoming a challenge.

Your thoughts and your energy create your reality.  Make your life a happy one. 

If you would like some guidance to help you discover your happy path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session and let your guides reveal your truth to you.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, harmony, and peace.

“I just wanted to tell you again how nice it was to meet you. You have a very approachable demeanor and you are very easy to talk to.  Since meeting with you my ambition and energy has exploded into such a driving force that I cannot describe the feeling.  I hope that I can live up to a role in which I am a leader because I do want to be one, and I am so worried about the direction of where the country is going.  I have so much to learn, but for the first time ever I feel that I am more than up to any task that I need to be."Thank you again.” –Gary, New York, NY

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