Fearless Living
Perhaps when you think of fearless living, you think about adventure – skydiving, rock climbing, or even risk-taking such as moving to a new city or changing careers.  While these actions certainly are a significant demonstration of fearless living, the more subtle fearless steps that we may resist cause far more inertia than resistance to jumping out of an airplane or moving across the country.

Fearlessness means being alert to when inaction or indecision is triggered by fear, and virtually every inability to move in a beneficial direction is caused by fear.  Not only does succumbing to these fears limit your own possibilities, they also can contribute to limiting the prosperous realities of others. 

Think about the present economic climate.  How has it changed your reality?  Suppose your income is stable, but the results of the economy press heavily on your mind.  If you had a great idea about a trip, or job expansion, or home improvement, would you now second guess the choice because of the external economy?  If the answer is “yes,” then the changed decision would be induced by fear, not by an actual condition.  Fear that the external climate may somehow affect you would cause you to reconsider expenses that you would otherwise have undertaken.  Interestingly, the accumulation of thousands perhaps millions of people reacting this way actually propagates that which they fear.  Subtle thinking about “what-ifs” causes the “what-ifs” to materialize.

Let’s demonstrate.  One hundred people whose economic circumstances have not changed agree that these are trying times.  They cut their restaurant eating.  They reduce their vacations.  They hold off purchasing a car.  The roof can wait another year.  Imagine the trickle-down affect this curtailed spending has simply in the area of dining out:  revenue decreases for the restaurants, the wait staff, the restaurant supply company, the liquor distributors, the food growers, the wineries, the transportation companies, the truck manufacturers, the builders of new plants, the local bank, the local landscapers, etc.  The accumulative fear of a depressed economy propels a depressed economy.

We are not isolated beings.  The choices that humans make may seem insignificant, but the cumulative affect adds up in a hurry.  Imagine a beautiful downtown Main Street.  Now suppose one person decides to toss litter out the car window.  Suppose one hundred people toss theirs, too.  Suppose one thousand toss. Can you sense how quickly the Main Street can transform from picturesque to grotesque?

The “litter on Main Street” analogy applies to large groups as well as small groups.  If you and others in a company fear expansion or change, you will collectively create stagnation.  If your religion fears progression, then it may face obsolescence.  

For this month, be mindful of your fears.  If you choose not to make a purchase, ask yourself “why?”  Are you insecure about your financial well-being?  Are you afraid of scarcity for today or tomorrow?  What are you not doing and why are you not doing it?  What is the fear that is triggering your inaction or your indecision?

We are each born with the ability to be fearless.  Anytime we separate from that possibility, we limit our future.  Live fearlessly, not necessarily by jumping out of planes, but by doing the little things on a daily basis that communicate with the universe that you are without boundaries.

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