"Happy" Holidays
Homemade cookies and feety pajamas.   Snow angels, sledding, and hot cocoa.  Flames dancing in the fireplace and presents piled high. Curled up with a cup of tea, I let the images drift through my mind, smiling inside as I warmed myself against the growing chill outside.  I felt unhurried as the days of December ebbed quietly without notice.  The peaceful feeling was a stolen moment as I knew the weeks ahead would be chaotic, yet even as that thought popped into my mind, I immediately knew that it was false.  The moment would last … if I let it.

December is a month of contradiction.  It’s the time when we may experience a rich desire to feel connected, joyous, and peaceful.  We aim to be generous and kind, and long to have the warmth of content feelings engulf us.  But the season also brings contrast.  Many find their emotions swirling among feelings of stress, loss, scarcity, and separation.  A happy memory can trigger an unhappy ache of nostalgia, and the pressures of creating the perfect moments for others can leave one feeling unappreciated.

I was happy that I quickly realized my moment of peaceful reflection could last if I let it.  I didn’t surrender to common human demands or expectations.  Living the way that I live my life now, I know that I always choose my perspective and my perspective about this season is my choice.

I choose to value the thing that I value all year, the thing that matters to me more than anything.  I love love.  It’s simple.  I love love and at any moment that I separate from the way love makes me feel, I whisper to myself that all there is is love.

For this season, I love myself.  I love my family.  I love the people around me, young, old, rich, poor, happy, and unhappy alike.  I love them all and as long as that stays in my mind, I am happy.

May this season be the season of love for you … where you connect with the energy that transcends all earth hindrances and allows the freedom of peace and optimism to be your guide.

If you would like some guidance to help you reconnect to happy feelings, contact Karen for coaching and let your guides reveal your truth to you.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, harmony, and peace.   Life Coaching with Karen

“The other night you said things I needed to hear.  It really helped.  I feel better than I felt in years." - Georgia Dunam, Pickerington, OH 

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