I’m Bored
(aka C’mon Get Happy)
I have to admit I thought it was funny when my young son came to me and tried without success to tell me something.  Finally, I prodded him, “Just tell me!”  And he responded, “I can’t … I’m not allowed to use the “b” word.”

Well, you know what word came to my mind, but it struck me as odd that he would need to use such a word just to tell me what he wanted.  So I smiled and asked, “Do you mean the word that rhymes with 'witch'”?  He laughed.  “No!  I mean I’m bored and you said I’m not allowed to use that word.”

It got me to thinking about boredom.  Even if your calendar is packed, you can still experience the feeling – boredom with your job, your prospects, your marriage, your single status, your home, your social life.  Boredom doesn’t come from having an empty calendar; it comes from not having something to feel passionate about.  A lack of passion, interests, pursuits, or dreams can drive us to fill our schedules so tightly to avoid the feeling of boredom.  Why?  Because boredom makes us realize that something is missing.  

A happy person experiences a sense of contentment day-in and day-out.  It’s as reliable as the turning of day into night.  Most happy adults pursued a path to achieve a state of joy.  One initial impetus that drove them toward discovering ways to be happy was boredom.  Boredom shines a light on a lack of passionate pursuit, and one who seeks fulfillment will respond to that trigger.

We can respond to boredom in two ways.  One way is productive and the other not-so.  A common response is to focus on all that is wrong.  The economy is beating me up.  My wife is so controlling.  My kids are lazy.  I don’t feel happy.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I try to be happy, but because of _________________ (insert excuse here), I just can’t be.  To get temporary relief from these uncomfortable feelings, one may turn to excess, self-sabotage, or perilous risky behavior.  Something as simple as over-indulging during the holidays can be triggered by boredom.  

The other path is one that turns the fuel of boredom into a positive opportunity.  What’s not working the way I want it to?  What can I do to turn it around?  Brainstorm, talk to others, find a passionate person to act as your support, your cheering squad, your sounding board, or your fount of great ideas.  Then take inspired action!  Inspired action, as opposed to action for action’s sake, is something that feels “good” or feels “right.”  It gives you a sense of optimism or purpose.  It is inspired because it comes from your intuitive self instead of your thinking self and, given a happy home, the idea can flourish.  Don’t talk yourself out of an inspired idea.  Do it.  It’s easy to think of reasons why you can’t or why you don’t want to and if you succumb, then be prepared to remain bored.  Having something to feel excited about is all you need to erase a feeling of boredom.  It gives you incentive and motivation.  It stimulates your creative self that lies within you eager to fulfill yours soul’s promise.

This month focus on what area you want to improve and resist the desire to escape from frustration.  Instead, choose to replace boredom with an enthusiastic pursuit and get connected to the pulse of life.

If you’d like some great ideas to get you onto a path of excitement, contact Karen for coaching and let your guides reveal your truth to you.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, harmony, and peace.  Life Coaching with Karen

“To outsiders, I seemed to have it all – the perfect career, the perfect family, a great wardrobe, car, and house, but inside I was dying.  After three months working with you, I was astounded at how much my life had changed for the better.  Now, eight months later, I can hardly remember the old unhappy me.  I feel like I know secrets that I wish everyone knew, because everyone should be this happy.” – Adeela K., Montclair, NJ 

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