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Is the Earth Angry?
By Karen L. Garvey

With the recent devastating storm in the Northeast, many people have been asking me what it means.  Is the earth angry?  Have we lacked appreciation for it and each other for so long that it’s blowing up at us?  No … .the earth is not angry, but it is honoring its role as our partner in this journey of enlightenment.  I'd like to share a brief summation of my view about this latest weather happening.  In addition, I will set forth a general prediction for what the future holds and ways in which to maximize your personal awakenings and happiness through these changing times.

Opening this profound intuitive ability that I discovered after 9-11 has allowed me to "know" and understand the nature of our journey, individually and collectively.  The intent of the soul is to grow in one's ability to give and receive love, and to assist others in their ability to give and receive love.  When in physical form (living on earth), we oftentimes separate from our soulful recollection of this intention. The further we separate from the vibrational energy of love, the more the universe will provide opportunities to recall the fact that love is all that matters.

The year 2012 has an original energy.  I call it a year of polarization, when those living above the line (positive / in the vibration of love) will reach new heights, and those living below the line (negative / less connected to the vibration of love) will reach new lows.  [If you would like to further understand the energy of this year, please enjoy my recording explaining, in depth, the history and evidence leading to 2012’s uniqueness as well as how to harness its benefit for the future].  I anticipate that between now and 2020 (metaphorically "clear vision"), humanity will reach the highest level of positive awareness ever in recorded history.  As such, the polarization permits more individuals to rise in their alignment with the vibration of love, thus becoming guides or assisting those below the line rise as well. 

Why is it beneficial for a storm such as Sandy to enhance the polarization and how is this achieved?

Sandy caused major and minor catastrophes and discomforts.  At what level an experience was individually perceived on an emotional scale was determined by how far above or below the line a person was living.  For example, some without power were frustrated and cantankerous, others embraced a feeling of adventure, many showed anger to those responsible for supplying power, and others reacted by helping those with more difficult circumstances.  For people already consistently below the line, Sandy’s aftermath caused them to plummet … to reach new emotional and spiritual low points.

The discomfort of reaching new lows creates an opportunity in which those persons can, perhaps, open to a different perspective.  The depth of their unhappiness can create a window in which they are receptive to others’ refreshing or optimistic ideas.  Those living “above the line” or aligned to some degree with universal wisdom can assist those who plummet grasp a new angle.  Perhaps this storm will have many value what matters more, attune more to the intangibles rather than the physical, and pay more attention to the vibration of love.  

Please understand that I am describing this process simplistically.  It does not mean that individuals’ vibrational energies may be determined by the severity of the consequence of the storm to them.  Everyone challenged, however, will have some potential benefit enfolded in it.  Also, please recall that living aligned with fear has the same energetic effect as living separated from the vibration of love.  Fear IS the absence of the vibration of love.

Just because a person plummets, however, does not guarantee that he or she will open the door to a new perspective.  They may not be ready.  But the infinitely wise universe will allow future opportunities for the discoveries to be made.

The purpose of all souls is to “remember” that we are all connected and that the only thing that matters is love, and corrective opportunities will be provided personally, regionally, and / or globally until every human “recalls” this truth and lives by it.  The earth is not angry, but nature will continue to provide many of those regional and global opportunities.  And nature is not the only mirror reflecting humanity’s level of disconnect.  Other vehicles are: disharmonious health, economic crises, violence and aggression among people, ill consequence of low level-of-awareness leaders, and poor-quality relationships.   These vehicles are the consequence of a person, region, or globe separating from alignment with the energy of love, and will dissolve and dissipate as humanity’s positive level of awareness increases.

How can you enhance your ability to align with the positive benefits of such challenges?  Live as though you are eternal.  Honor yourself, others, the plant and animal communities, others’ ideas, expressions, choices, and appearances, the planet, and the universe.  Living in honor means to respect everything and everyone.

When you live in honor, you begin to place the ripples of global harmony into the waters of humanity.

Shine on!

If you would like some guidance to help you discover your happy path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session and let your guides reveal your truth to you.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, harmony, and peace.

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