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By Karen L. Garvey & her guides

Happiness can be learned.  It may be innate at birth, but life has a way of squashing its inevitability.  It’s never too late to discover techniques that revive one’s ability to be happy. Although attaining true everlasting happiness is often a lifetime pursuit, certain shortcuts can guide you to a state of happiness with more ease.

Isn’t that what everyone wants?  To be happy?  We each have our own definition of what it entails.  Some see happiness as a feeling; others suppose that happiness comes from achieving one’s desires in the areas of health, abundance, and relationships.  The pathway to achieving your personal definition of happiness can be enhanced by knowing and implementing some strategies – thus learning happiness. 

Since one essay cannot put forth all useful techniques, we’ll indicate different ones throughout the next months’ newsletters.  By focusing on different methods slowly, you have a greater ability to successfully implement the ideas.

First, this month, let’s look at regret.  Everyone has regret.  They have something they did or did not do in their past that haunts them.  Regret which is entrenched in self-loathing or encrusted in a feeling of low self-worth can affect one’s future happiness, not only because of the negative feeling itself, but also because the energy a regretful person is putting forth acts as a magnet for evidence of one’s low self-value.

The first strategy, therefore, is to clear your slate.  Start fresh.  Beginning anew is a two-fold process.  First, face the regret and determine if there is anything that you can do to improve the experience.  Can you apologize?  Can you intentionally do something nice for someone that is energetically the opposite of something you had previously done?  Can you register for courses that put you on a path to a career that you have always wanted?  We cannot necessarily change what we did or did not do, but counter-balancing the regret can help you let go of your negative feelings.  And since we are all connected, positive energy put forth does not have to be directly linked to the original source of regret.  For example, if you stole from a department store in younger days, you need not return the merchandise to overcome the regret.  You can donate similar items to people in need, for example.  Another example to help stimulate your imagination is that if you regret not visiting a dying parent, you can still reharmonize by understanding that souls can experience and accept your apology after they pass on. 

The second step toward beginning anew is self-forgiveness.  After you do whatever you feel is beneficial to dissipate the regret, love yourself.  Remind yourself that everyone is doing the best that they can within their level of awareness, including you!  There are always reasons why we behave less favorably than we would have liked and those reasons are often deep-rooted and unconscious, but the actions are a direct consequence of the masks and layers we pick up during our lifetime.

After melting your regrets once-and-for-all, you have a clean canvas to begin painting your next journey.  From this day forward, be actively mindful of your actions and their consequences.  Live awake in your conversation with yourself and in your interactions with others.  Living awake allows us to actively choose our thoughts and actions.

A great thought to reflect on is about honoring oneself and others.  If we honor ourselves and honor others within their level of awareness, we will have little cause for any future regret.  Acting now in appreciation of love of oneself and others is a primary technique to build all future happiness.

Be bold.  Face regret.  Reharmonize it.  Love yourself beyond it.  And move forward!  Happiness is yours to grab.

If you would like guidance to help you discover your harmonious path, contact Karen for personal or professional coaching.  Intuitive coaching allows you to discover shortcuts from where you are to where you want to be by attuning to information that can eliminate barriers and enhance success openings.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, love, and peacefulness.