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Being intuitive is not a gift; it is an uncovered ability that we each have within us.
- Karen Garvey, MY JOURNEY
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By Karen L. Garvey & her guides

By this point in my journey of being a conduit for answers, I have been asked many personal questions about my role.  Let me take the time to answer your curiosities and perhaps you’ll notice that you are farther along your own path than you may have supposed. 

Q:  How do you feel about your gift?

Being intuitive is not a gift; it is an uncovered ability that we each have within us.  The human journey so profoundly discourages our internal and eternal knowledge from coming forth that it eventually becomes unseen or unrecognized.  Everyone is intuitive.  Although I can see, hear, feel, and experience non-physical sources of information, we each have our own propensity for growing our intuitive ability.  I cannot teach all the methods to discover yours in one essay, but let me tell you that the most important first step is to suspend doubt and fear.

I once heard a world renowned psychic say that he had a gift and “you either have it or you don’t and you can’t learn it.”  His belief perhaps limits millions from pursuing their relationship with intuition.  When a person makes this kind of statement, it reveals that his ego still persists.  He needs to believe that he is “special” and “unique.”  He IS special and unique because he chose to pursue the power and the use of his intuition, not because he has it.  He is also special because just because he IS … like we all are.

Q:  Why do you think you were chosen?

I wasn’t chosen.  As I understand the process of our eternal journeys, we seek awakenings while manifesting a physical life or not.  Along the way, we gain increases in our vibrational energy as we integrate each awakening.  We strive to continue making discoveries that allow us to become happier, more blissful, and freer.

When born, we experience what I term “earth amnesia,” meaning we forget our eternal knowledge.  It lies within us, yet we may be unaware of its existence.  The more challenging our human journey is and the more we are separated from reliable sources of love in our childhoods, the more we forget.  To some extent or another, we all enter adulthood partially asleep, forgetting universal truth.

The difference between one person and another is that many people “wake up” at some point.  They perhaps reach a stage of profound crisis that causes them to accept new ideas or perspectives.  This curiosity can lead them to begin the process of uncovering the truth within them.  Other people, however, do not need challenge to trigger the curiosity and they seek reconnecting with the wisdom within as a normal course of their lives.  Regardless of the pathway, those who peel away the earth amnesia slowly grow in joy, self-love, and their own power.

My journey of stripping away earth amnesia began during the attack of 9-11.  The trigger of “receiving the event in my mind’s eye” as it occurred happened because I had just completed a run when the attack began, thus my mind was quiet.  I was not living as my thinking-self.  A quiet mind in combination with the intense conscious energy connected to the event was strong enough to penetrate the illusion of separateness that I had previously lived with.  That day was the first time that I encountered the profound experience of understanding that we are not our bodies, that we are conscious energy manifesting a physical life.  And I sought to know more.  

Although the door opened for me to know truth again, it took many years and an incredible amount of dedication before I could reliably open this passageway to universal knowledge.  We can all do it at different levels.  Think about the times when you thought about people whom you haven’t seen in awhile and then you run into them or they contact you.  Think about when a loved one who passed away “visited” you in a dream (very different than other kinds of dreams about them.) 

So I wasn’t chosen.  My eternal journey, vibrational energy, passions, curiosities, and intent allowed me to uncover what was within me.  

Q:  How do you protect yourself from evil spirits?

There is no such thing as evil spirits.  Everything we perceive as being evil is born on the earth and will die on the earth.  Our eternal selves know this truth even if our human selves cannot remember.  There’s a reason that we have an enduring expression, “Heaven on earth.”  Removing any religious connotation that the word “heaven” may embody, it refers to the state of bliss from which all souls emerge and to where all souls return.  Outside of the human realm, we do not experience negative thoughts, actions, deeds, or feelings.  We are love and we vibrate at that potent powerful energy.

There are many myths that abound about evil spirits and psychic gifts.  In my work, I continually aim to dispel those untruths so that each person can unfold the power that he or she has within.

Q:  What do you see for the future?

As I spoke about during my 2012 seminar, we are headed toward a global humanity where more and more individuals are seeking and integrating universal wisdom.  The journey will include more people separating from positive experiences and happenings, but simply to allow them to become pained enough to seek alternative perspectives and avenues.  This “plunge” will allow a faster increase in their happiness as they pursue truths that have real value.  Everything we seek is within us even if we need an earth source of knowledge to help us remember it all.

I anticipate a global and collective awakening.  I sense a day coming when people honor themselves, the earth, and each other.

Thank you for taking this journey with me!

With love,

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“Sorry to have missed the seminar but happy to say that I have been listening to the audio and getting a lot out of it. For some reason my intuition has been on fire lately and very accurate. 

I was thinking yesterday how lucky I am to have met [my wife] … she turned me on to so many things but particularly this entire spiritual world and you.  She helped me to open my eyes and heart and it’s been a steady flow of information and understanding and love, ever since. You have been a very big part of this for me … so I want to thank you for everything.  I feel awake and alive, and overall, much happier with my life. I'm very zoned in with my business and trying to help [my wife] get through … a new direction. A lot of what you said at the seminar was helpful for us in that area.  Just wanted to say thanks again.” 
- Dave Kraus, NY