Focus on your Prosperity
Focus on your Prosperity
It is easy to suppose that the effect large happenings has on others will affect you in a similar way.  To a large extent it is true, not because of its inevitability, but because of what you believe.  At the present moment, the dominant focus in America is the economy.  What you accept as being real will affect your journey during this period of unrest.  I will discuss how to bullet-proof yourself when you fear a negative personal effect, but let me first point out a fairly normal human trait.  When things seem like they are getting bad, humans tend to give a great deal of focus to this change;  however, when things seem to turn for the better, the focus is not as intense.

When gas prices reach a new high, the majority of people feel fear, restriction, or anger.  When the price drops, the focus is usually brief – a passing moment of relief or happiness.  Likewise, if you receive one hundred accolades for a job well done along with one strong criticism, you are likely to focus on the criticism.  

There is a good reason for this tendency.  In the energy realm, you continually strive to grow and increase your level of awareness.  This desire stays with you as you journey on earth.  Passion and curiosity are the missiles that bring us toward new growth in the energy realm.  These are the same missiles that bring humans toward their intended desire for increasing their level of awareness as well.  The difference lies in the fact that humans have access to the negative range of emotions that we do not have access to in the energy realm.  As such, passion can be negative passion, and curiosity can be curiosity fueled by a negative thought, belief, idea, or circumstance.  The fuel and the goals are the same in the energy realm and earth; however, the fuel may come in a negative package on earth.

Understanding this principle helps you to understand what propels you and why negative circumstances command a disproportionate amount of focus.  While humans’ underlying desire is to grow, they do not consciously select the fuel source, negative or positive.

You can begin to train yourself to choose positive fuel. Begin to focus on your passions and your curiosity.  Resist focusing on negative information around you – avoid it altogether.  (Unless you can take a positive step in reaction to negative circumstances, you are better off not saturating yourself in the negativity.)  What are you happily curious about?  Learn more.  Take a class.  Read up.  What are you passionate about?  Immerse yourself in it more.  Study about it.  Do it.  When you discover how great it feels to choose to spend your time doing happy things, you will understand why it has value.  Focus on what makes you happy and give far more focus, time, and energy to those things.

How did Edison invent the light bulb?  Do you think he was totally sick of it not existing?  Do you think he repeatedly lamented about how much harder life was without it?  No.  He followed his curiosity and his passion, happily!  All great progress is introduced by those with happy focus on what can be. 

The more you discipline yourself to allow positive passion and curiosity to direct your thoughts and actions, the more you will squeeze out moments to focus on negative.   It is very difficult to feel pessimism when you are happy.  

The second component of bullet-proofing yourself against the negativity being slung around is to continually reconnect with the following universal truth:

You have a role in the turnaround of the current economic climate.  Your role is to feel prosperity, know it, and resist the Bandwagon-of-Pessimism.  The more you align with positive passion and curiosity, and avoid negative reflections, the more your thought energy can begin to heal the economic woes.  The more people align with this focus, the faster the climate will heal and prosper.  A collection of positive energies exponentially increases their power.

Yes, of course healing will require collective actions as well, but those actions will bring forth a faster correction if they are inspired by positive thoughts and beliefs rather than by blame, anger, resentment, and fear. 

Your prosperity matters to you.  Focus on your prosperity and let it either continue or begin.

You were meant to be happy.  You are a loveable, vibrant soul, entitled to all the joy and abundance you desire.  Your guides, your higher self, and the universe want to provide you with prosperity and everything else you may want, such as great health and relationships, and will do so if you are clear about what you want.  Focus on what you want and that will expand; focus on what you don’t want and that will expand!
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to your questions about life
to your questions about life
Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach