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Karen offers
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with clients enabling them to connect with their guides or loved ones who have separated, as well as on-going life guidance for clients seeking to excel.  To contact Karen for a session,  or personal or professional coaching, please call 866.263.3879
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Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Speaker, Psychic Medium, Personal & Professional Coach
You Have an Obligation to Feel Joy
by Karen L. Garvey and her guides
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to your questions about life
to your questions about life
Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach
Begin Here
Discover love
the foundation for ALL else
By Karen L. Garvey
168 pages  $17.95
                              and each step will take you closer to what you desire. Let this book walk you through the steps to reconnect with your prosperous soul.  Begin Here shows you how to shield yourself from the continual bombardment of negative information and reclaim your happy self.  The insights you gain will propel you toward understanding life and understanding your purpose.

Discover LOVE - its nuances, its energy, its power. Love is the conduit to all success - and self-love the foundation for all else. Learn to use it to unfold everything you want.
Begin Here 
The state of the economy is an on-going concern for many Americans.  How has it affected your thinking?  How has it affected your choices?  What are you postponing in terms of purchases, career change, travel, happiness?

Virtually everyone connecting through THE ANSWERS has an understanding that people create their reality as a by-product of what they think, feel, believe, and their subsequent actions.  While many spiritual self-help guides focus on the value of positive thinking or even emoting, the most important of the factors affecting your reality is what you believe.  Think all you want that today is going to be a good day, but if you secretly believe that it will be a horrible day, that factor will override your thinking.  

Micro-waves cannot be seen; radio waves cannot be seen.  Yet because you can touch and hear the results of those waves, you believe them to be real.  Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are wave-energy as well; you simply cannot sense them through sight, taste, hearing, touch, or smell as of yet.  They affect reality potently however.  Getting back to the previous example, if you think or believe negatively, the wave-energy emitted is very different than if you think or believe positively.  

A micro-wave becomes “known” to you by interacting with moisture.  It changes the molecular structure of water to make it hot.  Radio waves interact with the listening devices that interpret the waves through sound.  Just as these waves manifest in a noticeable physical form by intersecting with a physical component (moisture / radio), your thought and belief waves also interact with other components to create a physical manifestation of their energy.  Thus, a person, object, or event can capture, interpret, and manifest the wave-energy.  The “attraction” between the thought or belief energy and the component of intersection will depend on the structure of the wave.  If you could measure happiness on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being bliss and one being desolation, this same scale could be used to depict thought or belief energy manifesting itself through a physical component.  If you are believing that the economy fulfills all your abundance desires (level 10), that belief-energy will manifest itself into level-10 physical form.  

It’s important to understand, as well, that there is not direct correlation between a thought / belief and its manifestation in reality.  In the previous example, the day may not be horrible simply because you believed that it would be, but you are more likely to experience something less desirable as a result of the energy you emitted.  The lack of desirability of what is manifested will equal the level of the belief-energy.

This simplistic model pares down the manifestation of your thought or belief energy.  The model does not account for the infinite variations possible through the addition of time, space, other people, geography, climate, etc.  It should serve, however, as a fuel for you to honor your own happiness at a new level.  You can postpone happiness, sacrifice for others, feel guilty for being self-focused, or feel morally obligated to suppress joy, but the waves that you choose to emit will bring back a reality that matches the waves.  If you want to be happy, choosing to do the things that bring you joy and happiness has a better possibility of self-perpetuating.  The happier you become, the more joyful you will feel in assisting others experience joy, so those whom you intended to help by sacrificing become better served through your happiness.  The point:  be happy for yourself; you and everyone else will benefit.

If you would like some guidance to help you discover your happy path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session and let your guides reveal your truth to you.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, harmony, and peace.

Thank you so much, Karen, for a life-altering session! I learned so much today and I am filled with this sense of pure joy, peace, and some sort of inner-knowing that everything is happening exactly as it's supposed to be ... This feels like the beginning of something so massive that I cannot fully comprehend yet!  I'm also filled with enthusiasm for there is so much work to do in this world and I can feel it!! 

Thank you,
Jackie H., Babylon Village, NY 

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