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Once established, an old idea dies hard.

Before reading on, think about your response to the following statement:

The H1N1 virus is predicted to spread rampantly.
    A.   I’d better get the flu shot.
    B.   I think it will fizzle out and not meet the hype.
    C.   What difference does it make?  I’m bound to get something anyway because there are
           germs everywhere!  I have my antiseptic wipes by my side and I will not shake anyone’s hand. 
    D.   It won’t affect me because I live with harmonious health
    E.   I feel safe because I started telecommuting to avoid all these diseases.

If you answered “B” or “D,” skip this next question:

The H1N1 virus causes concern for me because:
    A.   My mother is old and I hear it’s dangerous for those vulnerable
    B.   I get every stupid flu or bug that passes by
    C.   I work with the public, so we get everything!
    D.   These new strains of germs are more powerful than what we’re used to
    E.   I can’t afford to take any more time off work

Each of these responses is based on old tired ideas.  The prevalent way of thinking is that good health is always at risk, just waiting to be toppled by some disease, injury, bacteria, or virus.  When these old ideas permeate your beliefs, you are more likely to attract in confirmation of their truth.  What you focus on expands.  

Patterns, habits, a way of life – they all become so familiar as to be comfortable.  For better or for worse, patterns inhibit independent thinking, originality, and foresight.  It’s not just the old ideas of individuals that create a limited reality, but collective ideas inhibit collective reality as well.  Businesses, governments, schools, communities, families, or any group can limit their most excellent opportunities for growth by remaining fixated on old ideas.

Has anything great ever been created by doing something the same as someone else?  Has a follower ever burst onto the scene with irresistible newness?  Give me the name of the artist who best recreates Van Gogh’s art?  Name a remake of a competitor’s exciting car design that sold better than the original.   

Original thinking is rare.  Most of what you are exposed to every day is a recapitulation of others’ thoughts.  When it comes to suggestion or policy, if the old idea did not provide a solution, then a reinstitution of that idea will not either.  Yet, most people are stuck to old collective ideas and they are not aware that they are stuck to them at all.

If an old idea produces an old tiresome result, replace it!

Sounds easy in theory, but in order to replace an old non-productive idea, you have to recognize that it exists to begin with.  This means being alert or awake.  An old idea dies hard because we remain unaware that an old non-productive idea has taken root.  Do you know what your beliefs are about the possibility of getting sick?

By now, those who are familiar with Karen’s book, THE ANSWERS to your questions about life, realize that every person was born to be happy, wealthy, joyful, and loved.  If we have separated from that experience to ANY degree then we are aligning with an old idea that is truly a misbelief.

The replacement idea for any non-productive belief is:

You are a happy, healthy, abundant, lovable person.  You are capable, exciting, independent, interesting, and creative.  You create your reality by remembering and, more importantly, knowing these things to be true.  Do not let someone tell you that you will get sick.  Do not let the media encourage fear.  Be fearless and live to your truth.  You are a whole and happy person.

If you’d like to explore a deeper level of guidance, contact Karen for a one-on-one session and let your guides reveal your truth to you.

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to your questions about life
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