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People Want Answers
By Karen L. Garvey

There’s a certain mystery to life that is appealing to some and frightening to others. As we grow in our awareness and become more and more enlightened, we convert the fear that may accompany life’s mysteries into wonder.  Little by little, we become less afraid and more in awe.

I have often spoken about the process of “accidental enlightenment” that I experienced and I’d like to share one of the greatest rewards of the process.  I am not afraid.  I’m not afraid to walk alone, to get sick, to lose a loved one, to go broke, to fly, to eat carbs, to get up in the morning, to experience 12-21-12 (the end of the world as we know it – you may have to review my 2012 CD to understand this), to die, or to LIVE!   I fear less than I ever thought humanly possible and the freedom that comes along with less fear is awesome.  I am filled with awe.

My questions used to be: How will I get the money I need?  Why me?  Am I harboring some awful disease?  Will my kids be safe?  Now, understanding the eternal and earth journeys at a new level allows me to feel more awe and more wonder for everything around.  These days my questions look more like: How can this earth contain butterflies, blue-footed boobies, oceans, aardvarks, stars, snow, volcanoes, seahorses, flytraps, lobsters whose claws can regenerate, lightning, and kangaroos’ pouches?  How can there be such variety and vastness?  How can these species or events all exist?  How can the world be so beautiful?  Isn’t it amazing how nice people can be?  How talented they can be?  How wonderful they can be?  How can I reach more people?  How can I guide others to be this happy?

Step by step, you can shed the wrappers around your vast joy by letting go of misbeliefs, by becoming an independent thinker, by allowing intuition to be your greatest resource instead of analytical reasoning or fear, to take in the fact that you are limitless and meant to be abundant in every way.  Step by step, you can release the hold of mistruths and remember what you were born knowing.  You can awaken.

Test yourself.  Listen to something that doesn’t make you feel happy.  Think about why it creates that sensation in you.  It is because there is something about it that is not aligned with universal wisdom, love, or a higher level of awareness.  It’s because the trigger for your negative response is based on human misunderstanding and separation from the soulful knowledge with which you were born.

Every one has the answers within them.  Accessing them may need the assistance of an earth conduit, but when you come across that vehicle, it resonates.  The light goes on.  Something that didn’t make sense suddenly makes sense and the veil of misbelief is forever obliterated.  Whether the vehicle for you is yoga, religion, walks on the beach, meditation, a great book, an amazing speaker or philosophy ... it triggers truth within you.  It answers some questions.  Think about some examples as you strive to become an independent thinker.  Think about old ideas or actions and why they feel uncomfortable.  Question, question, and question again.  When a workaholic has a heart attack, he may realize there’s more to life than work.  That’s an awakening.  From there he will choose what actions he takes as a result.  What doesn’t feel happy to you?  Question why.  I remember questioning, for example, why women weren’t allowed leadership roles in the Catholic religion.  It didn’t feel happy to me.  It didn’t make sense.  How could a vehicle for awakening (a religion) teach that only men were worthy of their highest honors?  

What do you question?  If your questions are filled with independent curiosity, you will find answers that are based on universal truth (or they will find you).

The man with the heart attack could let in the truth that love matters more than work.  It does not mean that he didn’t benefit from his work.  Perhaps he felt unlovable but his achievements in his career buoyed his love of self.  With that realization, he could begin to understand that he IS lovable and that plenty of people around him would love to be able to show their love.  

I let in that many religions which purport truth and wisdom have become misconstrued or contorted along the way, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have value.  For some, religion IS the vehicle that brings them closer and closer to enlightenment.  They provide community and comfort and attempt to explain the unexplainable. 

The point is to question.  Recognize that you have truth within you.  Resist others’ attempts to persuade you that something which doesn’t feel right is right for you.

If you want answers, listen to intuition.  Follow the good feelings inside you, not the feelings triggered by fear or negativity.  Allow rational reasoning to support you, but not blind you to your gut instincts.
Shine on!

If you would like some guidance to help you discover your happy path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session and let your guides reveal your truth to you.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, harmony, and peace.

“I just wanted you to know that I am still reeling from the session.  It was sooo very powerful, loving and wonderful.  I felt so comfortable with you and when you were speaking I could feel the love coming through.   It’s difficult putting the experience into words, so thank you, thank you, thank you!  I have had many reading and this was by far the clearest and most helpful to me.  You have such a positive message that really needs to be heard at this time on EARTH.  Anxiously anticipating our next session!!!”    -Tracy M.  Phila., PA 

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