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We are headed to a new period of enlightenment on earth, and more and more people are discovering ways to align with the emerging future. - Karen Garvey, 
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Safety versus Fear
By Karen L. Garvey & her guides 

Fear is very popular right now, so be forewarned that if you are a fear-lover, you may not enjoy this essay.  

We are headed toward a new period of enlightenment on earth, and more and more people are discovering ways to align with the emerging future. Success in the upcoming decade will increasingly come to those who integrate certain principles into their daily lives. [Success, as personally defined, can be a measure of one’s health, physical wealth, happiness, relationships, career, etc.] Some examples of these truths are:

  • Love is more important than anything.
  • We are one.
  • The collective is as important as the individual and the individual is as important as the collective.
  • Living in honor with the planet, animals, nature, each other, and ideas will lead to sustained happiness.
  • We are the drivers of our reality. External manifestation is the result, not the cause of our physical reality

The greatest hindrance to the integration of these truths right now is fear. When we become increasingly fear-based, we are communicating with the universe that we believe we are fundamentally unsafe and at risk. An excessive focus on fear leads to a physical reality wrought with circumstances that we perceive as unsafe.

Science accepts that human conscious thought alters results. Thus when excessive fearful thoughts collect, the result becomes greater than if fewer people are fear-based. The consequence is that the overflow of fear contributes to a greater number of circumstances to evoke fear. We create our physical reality, individually and collectively. When one person fears less, the whole world has less to fear.

Think about how many fears we have collectively increased in the past decade. Fear of mold. Fear of strangers. Fear of tap water. Fear of flying. Fear of storms. Fear of germs. Fear of dairy. Fear of wheat products. Fear of letting our children play in the front yard.  

The more you understand that we create our physical reality, the more you understand that external physical reality is a mirror for what is happening inside us. Some consequences are a direct result of our own focus, and many consequences are the result of the collective focus. To emphasize: We create our physical reality, individually and collectively. When one person fears less, the whole world has less to fear.

Fear is a choice. Pay attention to what you are afraid of and set the intention to overcome your fears. That is not to say you cannot maintain preferences even if you are afraid; however, there is a distinct difference between not wanting to do something without it limiting the quality of your life, and not doing something and it DOES limit the quality of your life. For example, you many not want to skydive, but living life without skydiving does not usually detract from one’s ability to be happy. On the other hand, if you are AFRAID to drive across bridges, then your mobility, thus your freedom, can be inhibited.  

There is a difference between safety and fear. Pay attention to the difference. Walking in front of moving truck is, perhaps, unsafe, but the trigger for choosing not to walk in front of it is safety not fear. Washing your hands before a meal is triggered by safety, not fear. Using anti-bacterial cleanser every time you shake someone’s hand is fear-triggered.

What Can You Do?
Choose to be safe, not afraid. Say empowering statements to yourself to replace fear with the truth that we are meant to be happy and harmonious. Look at the following examples:

The world is a loving and welcoming place.  
I am fearless.
I am living life with joy, pushing my limits and expanding into my own power.
I am loving my great health.
It’s a joy to feel this free.

Also, be the one to stop the cycle of passing fear onto other people. Don’t repeat the latest stories of death, crime, and illness unless for a constructive purpose (such as arranging for food to be brought to a recovering friend). Warning others of a non-imminent circumstance is not a constructive purpose; it is DEstructive. It contributes to collective fear.

Stop watching the news. The facts that you need to know for safety will find their way to you without you submerging your focus in all-things-that-can-possibly-go-wrong.

Encourage others to become more fearless. Children who are bombarded with fear-based instructions tend to become at the center of chaos, or they grow to become reckless as a way to overcome the imprisonment that fear produces.

Frequently re-read the examples of TRUTH listed above.

Choose to be happy. Choose to understand that you are entitled to happiness and allow it in.

Shine On!

If you would like guidance to help you discover your harmonious path, contact Karen for personal or professional coaching.  Intuitive coaching allows you to discover shortcuts from where you are to where you want to be by attuning to information that can eliminate barriers and enhance success openings.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, love, and peacefulness.