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Karen offers
one-on-one sessions
with clients enabling them to connect with their guides or loved ones who have separated, as well as on-going life guidance for clients seeking to excel.  To contact Karen for a session,  or personal or professional coaching, please call 866.263.3879
or email [email protected] 
Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Speaker, Psychic Medium, Personal & Professional Coach
This Year is Your Year
by Karen L. Garvey and her guides
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to your questions about life
to your questions about life
Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach
Begin Here
Discover love
the foundation for ALL else
By Karen L. Garvey
168 pages  $17.95
Everything Good Starts Here! 
                              and each step will take you closer to what you desire. Let this book walk you through the steps to reconnect with your prosperous soul.  Begin Here shows you how to shield yourself from the continual bombardment of negative information and reclaim your happy self.  The insights you gain will propel you toward understanding life and understanding your purpose.

Discover LOVE - its nuances, its energy, its power. Love is the conduit to all success - and self-love the foundation for all else. Learn to use it to unfold everything you want.
Begin Here 
We’re conditioned to start each year with a self-assessment and promise to improve.  Of course, there is benefit in being self-aware and continuing to strive for your personal best, but there are strategies to make this time of year more effective than traditional resolutions may have been for you in the past.

First, when you reflect upon changes you would like to make, allow your focus to revolve around what you want, not what you don’t want.  For example if losing weight is a priority, don’t spend time reviewing how unhappy you are, or admonishing yourself for getting to this point.  Think instead about how you want to feel.  How do you want to look?  What would you like your energy level to be?

Let’s look at another example and use it to illustrate the importance of your focus.  Suppose you want a managerial position, you feel you are long overdue, and you have recently been passed up for a promotion.  Your present focus will determine your ability to advance as much as your capabilities will.  Do you complain about being passed over?  Do you resent the decision-maker and feel, perhaps, unappreciated?

If you are seeking advancement this year, it is important to focus on the positive reasons you are ready for this step rather than focus on feeling slighted or resentful.  Assess your career in as unbiased a way as possible, not only your skills, expertise, efficiency, and experience but, perhaps more importantly, your attitude, your likableness, your flexibility, and your demeanor.  Are you a positive contributor?  Do you add to the spirit and culture of your firm?  Are you visionary and motivated?

A personal assessment can help you focus on your areas of strength and present an opportunity to improve your weaker areas.  This intent will be a strong partner in guiding you toward the path of career advancement.  What you focus on will expand and savoring your qualities will energetically magnetize opportunities to you.  

After setting your intention, listen to the whispers of the Universe for guidance.  When you focus on joyful possibilites, the partnership you have with the Universe will become more and more clear, and more and more helpful.  You don’t have to go it alone.  Coincidences, messages, great ideas that pop into your head, are all ways that you receive ongoing guidance toward your goals.

This year, 2011, is your year.  By believing in this statement, you make it more so.  Be optimistic, focus on what you want (not what you don’t want), and let go of the resistance that fear creates.  This is your year!

If you would like guidance to help you discover your harmonious path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, love, and peacefulness.

“I just wanted you to know that I am still reeling from the session.  It was sooo very powerful, loving and wonderful.  I felt so comfortable with you and when you were speaking I could feel the love coming through.   It’s difficult putting the experience into words, so thank you, thank you, thank you!  I have had many reading and this was by far the clearest and most helpful to me.  You have such a positive message that really needs to be heard at this time on EARTH.  Anxiously anticipating our next session!!!”  
-Tracy M.  Phila., PA    

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