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By Karen L. Garvey & her guides

There are two ways we can travel throughout our lives:  awake or asleep.  Most people live pretty much asleep through most of their journey, meaning that they choose to believe that the physical matters of life are all that exist.  They believe that life happens randomly to them and that they have no control over the experiences of their lives.  To live “awake” means that the relationship between the physical and the eternal has been discovered.  It also means that the knowledge of this relationship is used for benefit … to create a happier life for oneself and others.

From the science of Chaos Theory, we now know that there is nothing random in the universe.  Accepting and integrating this fact allows you to begin the process of waking up.  It stimulates curiosity about “why” things happen since they are not accidental.  When you pose a question such as “why?” the answer can appear.  Without the question, the answer is not likely to become apparent.  The reason that Karen’s work is called THE ANSWERS is twofold:  1. THE ANSWERS are within us all and can be elicited through infinite methods.  2.  The pathway to discovering truths, and information that can lead to joyful and passionate living, begins by forming a question.

How can you enhance your process of waking up?  When a circumstance arises that seems unpleasant, first give yourself a reasonable amount of time to emote (feel the feelings).  Then become curious.  If there is nothing random in the universe, then why did this happen?  Try to ask this question without encumbering the process with negative feelings.  You took the opportunity to emote, now use this time to examine the situation dispassionately, with curiosity, rather than emotionally.  Know that the event happened for a reason. (The event likely happened for multiple reasons, but discovering even just one reason is very beneficial.)

Next, recognize and accept that the answer will be positive.  The true valid reason for the happening will bring you to a happier place, not a more negative place.  For example, the answer will not be that it happened because you needed to learn not to be as trusting.  The universe does not provide opportunities for you to learn negative lessons.  It only provides opportunities for you to experience positive awakenings.

After taking these two steps, when your thinking bounces back to the challenge, resist going back to your negative place (remember … you already emoted.)  Instead, focus on the answer that you received as to what benefit the happening provided.  Think about the benefit.  Thank the universe for your ability to know and understand the benefit.

Please note that we carefully selected the phrase “a circumstance arises that seems unpleasant” so that you can practice the process of awakening with happenings that are somewhat challenging, but not catastrophic.  Using this technique frequently and diligently on somewhat challenging happenings allows you to gain new insights into not only your circumstances, but all of humanity’s.  You gain fresh eyes on world events, limited perspectives, and the ensuing crises that arise from individuals not living awake.

Further, we would like you to understand that it is not judgmental to determine if you or others are living “awake” or living “asleep”.  To observe that a person or group is living asleep does not mean that they are wrong or inferior.  It simply means that they have not yet experienced the profound liberating experience of re-discovering enlightened truths that they as earth beings have forgotten.  All souls want to recall and live with these truths; however, when asleep, one can hardly recall the path to awakening.

Enjoy the process of waking up!

If you would like some guidance to help you discover your happy path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session and let your guides reveal your truth to you.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, harmony, and peace.

“I just wanted to tell you again how nice it was to meet you. You have a very approachable demeanor and you are very easy to talk to.  Since meeting with you my ambition and energy has exploded into such a driving force that I cannot describe the feeling.  I hope that I can live up to a role in which I am a leader because I do want to be one, and I am so worried about the direction of where the country is going.  I have so much to learn, but for the first time ever I feel that I am more than up to any task that I need to be."Thank you again.” –Gary, New York, NY

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