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Karen L. Garvey
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To Live with Honor
By Karen L. Garvey & her guides 

I often speak about “living in honor” as a way to guide your own thoughts and actions. It is simple to realize that if everyone lives in honor, we will no longer experience the majority of what we perceive as negative around us.

Let’s talk more specifically about living in honor as it relates to your place on the planet. To live in honor means to hold in high regard that no one owns any part of the planet. You can rent it, buy it, cultivate it, share it, destroy it, build on it, cherish it, disregard it, but you can never own it. It is passed on by the past, borrowed by the present, and passed on to the future. Honoring the planet, therefore, means to respect the fact that it is not yours. It is to be mindful of leaving it in the best condition that you can personally leave it for future generations.

Review your actions. Think about your relationship with the planet, the animal and the plant communities. What do you do to honor each? Do you recycle? Are you conscious of conserving energy? Do you toss litter out your car window or drink bottled water by the case?

To honor the planet means taking a deeper look at your choices. Do you consider the packaging of what you purchase? Have you noticed a trend in increased packaging and downsized contents in groceries? Does the waste you produce for what you consume enter into your thoughts? Do you pay attention to the waste at your curb in comparison to neighbors? Are you producing more or less than most? Even if it’s less, are you satisfied that your choices are honoring the planet to the best of you ability? Have you noticed the increased size of trash cans over the past decades?

Think about how you live and decide for yourself if you are honoring your surroundings the way you’d like. The idea is not to criticize or condemn; it is to think. It is to demonstrate honor through choices, and to exercise your choices by how you spend your money. In a high consumer market such as ours, the way to voice your preferences is through your purchase power. Companies will follow demand because they seek greater revenue and profits. The more people that choose simple, biodegradable, limited packaging, the more companies will provide the match.

Don’t limit your questioning to what others may suggest you should focus on. Go beyond. How do you feel about being buried v. begin cremated. How much land-space would be taken if all 7 billion people alive today were buried? What about solar or wind energy? Do you think about renewable sources or how you may incorporate them into your life?

Rediscovering the truths you knew when you born takes effort, but one of the greatest benefits of remembering that we are eternal is that we can consistently choose to live in a way shows honor beyond the number of years that we personally inhabit the earth.

Shine on!

If you would like guidance to help you discover your harmonious path, contact Karen for personal or professional coaching.  Intuitive coaching allows you to discover shortcuts from where you are to where you want to be by attuning to information that can eliminate barriers and enhance success openings.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, love, and peacefulness.