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Karen offers
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Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Speaker, Psychic Medium, Personal & Professional Coach
What's Underlying your Power Source?
by Karen L. Garvey and her guides
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to your questions about life
to your questions about life
Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach
Begin Here
Discover love
the foundation for ALL else
By Karen L. Garvey
168 pages  $17.95
Each step will take you closer to what you desire. Let this book walk you through the steps to reconnect with your prosperous soul.  Begin Here shows you how to shield yourself from the continual bombardment of negative information and reclaim your happy self.  The insights you gain will propel you toward understanding life and understanding your purpose.

Discover LOVE - its nuances, its energy, its power. Love is the conduit to all success - and self-love the foundation for all else. Learn to use it to unfold everything you want.
Before we jump into a new topic this month, let’s review the last newsletter’s key message.  You were asked to remind yourself of these important truths:  “I am powerful.  I am whole.  I am strong.  I am smart.  I am ready.  I am unstoppable.”  You were asked to repeat these simple messages over and over again, and to feel happy while doing so.  If you have not yet tried this exercise, do yourself a favor and try it this month.  You may be surprised by the results.

This brings us to a fresh topic put forth simply by the word “underlying.”  The human spirit wants to soar.  Innately each person wants to experience their full power, to succeed at what they put their minds to, to feel appreciated, loved, and valued, to feel the richness of perpetual abundance, and to enjoy harmonious health.  

That is what we want.  If we are experiencing anything less, then can’t we embrace the truths about the limitlessness of who we are and overturn the negative?  Can we not replace feelings of inadequacy in certain areas with areas of joy and empowerment?  The answer is, of course, yes.  Everyone has the ability to change their circumstances by changing their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions.

Where many get stuck, however, is by the constant nagging notion that something underlying is hindering their progress.  There’s a hidden or perceptible belief that all disharmony is created by some known or unknown trauma.  The trauma must be ferreted out and examined from every angle in order to clear a path for the beginning tiny steps to healing.

Suppose instead for a moment, that you KNOW you are strong, whole, powerful, smart, ready, and unstoppable.  Perhaps you sense these truths beneath a sea of misinformation.  Suppose you KNOW that underlying your present shortages is your powerful self just waiting to emerge.  If you KNOW these truths, then the underlying energy that can bring forth tomorrow’s reality can be POWER instead of trauma.

We are not implying that you should take past traumas and intense challenges and stuff them somewhere that they will never be seen again.  Rather acknowledge them as events that propelled you forward, recognize the strengths that these events ignited in you, and choose to have their underlying effect on your journey be one that is positive rather than negative.  Value your strengths.  Value the benefits that emerged from past trials.  Find your personal power and advancement that became apparent because of the circumstances.  

What really lies under your façade?  What lies beneath your resistance to total unrestricted liberated happiness?  The only thing ultimately separating you from your power is your false belief that you have limited power.  You are limitless.  Underlying your life is your full expansive self waiting to be revealed in all its magnificence!  Lying there beneath the surface is your passion.   Your passion to be, to create, to try, to complete, to rise, to pursue, to do.  It’s all there within you underlying the surface.  Fear not a hidden tether from the past aiming to hinder you.  Instead KNOW that your power is an underlying energy to which you can attune.

Tap into the underlying source of who you are, magnificent, strong, whole, powerful, smart, ready, and unstoppable by believing the truth that that is who you are.

If you would like some guidance to help you discover your happy path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session and let your guides reveal your truth to you.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, harmony, and peace.

“I just wanted you to know that I am still reeling from the session.  It was sooo very powerful, loving and wonderful.  I felt so comfortable with you and when you were speaking I could feel the love coming through.   

It’s difficult putting the experience into words, so thank you, thank you, thank you!  You have such a positive message that really needs to be heard at this time on EARTH.  Anxiously anticipating our next session!!!”  
-Tracy M., Phila., PA    

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