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The power of your mind in combination with the power of any method you use to depict what you create in your mind will increase the likelihood that the goal is achieved. 
- Karen Garvey, Well Begun is Half done
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Well begun is half done
By Karen L. Garvey       

Hard to believe, but we are almost at the half-way point for the year 2012.  In a few short weeks, the second half of this unusual year will begin.  For those who attended my seminar in January (or listened to the CD), Harness the Energy of 2012, you will recall that the energy of this year is original and can be seized to enhance the ease of your own journey.

The unique energy lies largely in its potential impact on global consciousness, the noticeable entrance into an era of increased enlightenment for humanity.  Every person is a vital part of the collective conscious. Therefore, never underestimate the power that you hold.

As the first half of the year winds down, it is a good time to re-energize your ability to manifest the life that you want.  The more you are able to create a life filled with relationship, body, and monetary harmony, the more you contribute to the enlightenment of the global energy.   Begin your re-ignition by understanding that all manifestations begin in the mind.  Thought energy precedes any physical materialization.  What you think IS POSSIBLE becomes physical and what you think is NOT POSSIBLE will not become physical.  Your life reflects the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and subsequent actions that you create.

Consider this adage, “Well begun is half done.”  This phrase reminds us that the effort necessary to complete a task or goal or to reach a desire is half finished when the undertaken is begun with excellence.  When you seek to reach a goal, begin the journey by consciously creating a positive outcome in your mind’s eye.  Feel it.  Know it.  Experience it.  Draw it.  Paint it. Compose it.  The more vividly you can create an image (tangible or intangible) of the successful completion of the goal, the more ease you will have in its attainment.  Half done begins in the mind.  Pre-create by thinking and imagining.

The universe is your partner in co-creating your reality.  The significance of this partnership can be metaphorically illustrated by correlating it to moving.  If you plan to move, you will undertake many of the following steps:  Sell your home, search for a new place to live, explore the destination area, apply for a mortgage, sign a lease, clean out your present residence, pack, clean out the new residence, paint, unpack, learn the new location. When you use the power of your thinking, feeling, believing, and subsequent actions to co-create the move with the universe, you will harness the power of your partner to create the move as one easy process:  you are sitting on your sofa in your present home, and then suddenly, you are sitting on your sofa in the new residence.  

Do you think that much ease is not possible?  Not likely, yes, but impossible?  No.  You could be offered a transfer by your company.  The organization can send a realtor to your home with videos of home choices for you to select and then negotiate a mutually beneficial purchase and sale.   You can sign a proxy to allow a designee to close on your behalf.  Your firm can send a decorator who prepares the new residence to your liking.  Your firm can send a full-service moving company to your residence to pack every box, every wall-hanging, every tool.  You can be given a floor plan of the new residence and have the movers mark every box with the exact location in the new place to unpack. They can move everything and then unpack according to your wishes.  You can sit on your sofa and relax in the new location on moving day.

Perhaps this scenario is unrealistic, but it IS possible.  The more you believe that certain circumstances will arise, the more they will arise.  Even subtle hidden beliefs will cast their mark on the process.  For example, if you believe that governments are difficult to deal with, you may experience closing delays for CO issues.  If you believe that attorneys are unreasonable, you may encounter challenges in the negotiations and mortgage process.  If you think moving is hard … it will likely be.

The power of your mind in combination with the power of any method you use to depict what you create in your mind will increase the likelihood that the goal is achieved. Further, the power of your mind will drastically cut the effort needed to achieve it.  Whenever you align with the energy of the universe, your life becomes easier.  Enjoy this ease by being mind-full of your ability to create.

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