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Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Speaker, Psychic Medium, Personal & Professional Coach
Your Happiest Self
by Karen L. Garvey and her guides
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to your questions about life
Karen L. Garvey, MBA - Author, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach
Begin Here
Discover love
the foundation for ALL else
By Karen L. Garvey
168 pages  $17.95
BEGIN HERE and each step will take you closer to what you desire. Let this book walk you through the steps to reconnect with your prosperous soul.  Begin Here shows you how to shield yourself from the continual bombardment of negative information and reclaim your happy self.  The insights you gain will propel you toward understanding life and understanding your purpose.

Discover LOVE - its nuances, its energy, its power. Love is the conduit to all success - and self-love the foundation for all else. Learn to use it to unfold everything you want.
Somewhere along your journey, someone berated you.  You felt deflated, perhaps confused, maybe even annoyed.  Then it happened again.  Maybe it was the same person or someone new.  If you were surrounded in your youth by people with a lot of masks and layers, you probably heard many fault-finding comments.  Perhaps you were called derogatory names or you were made to feel like you weren’t worth much.

The more separated from love people were in their own childhoods, the less apt they were to know how to be loving towards you.  Although most adults improve upon the way they were treated growing up, it still does not lessen the burn you feel if you were treated disparagingly.  And if you were treated harshly, worse than feeling the sting would be to believe that they were right.

I am telling you that you are lovable.  You are lovable.  You were lovable the day you were born.  You are lovable today, and you were lovable every day in-between.

Each time you feel a negative emotion, it is usually elicited by some feeling of low self-worth or a lack of control over circumstances.  Both of these feelings originate when we are inadequately loved and guided as children.  In an attempt to align with the harmonious feeling of being worthy and having control over our lives, these negative responses can provide an opportunity to discover what lies beneath the feeling, thus allow us to face the feeling rather than steamroll over it with negative responses.

Think about the following examples and how you might react:  

In the first example, perhaps you would feel disappointed, angry, or annoyed about the expense.  A likely scenario for these feelings would be that you were taught that money is hard to come by and/or you are incompetent in your ability to be financially secure.  The message of your inadequacy could have come subtly through body language if your chosen career or education path did not meet others’ approval, or overtly, through direct criticism and condemnation.  Here, the perspective to relieve your negative feelings is to remind yourself that you are entitled to abundance and you will experience it.  You are a capable, vibrant soul who can and will experience on-going abundance.

In the second example, if you react through anger, defiance, withdrawal, etc., your negative feelings are perhaps eliciting an unrecognized feeling of inferiority or self-doubt.  At this point, a more productive reaction (after honoring your initial feelings) would be to trust that you are worthy and that everything happens for benefit.  Try to imagine the benefit.  Did the promoted individual need this more than you at this time?  Has your partnership with the organization run its course?   Is there value in reviewing your performance?

Situations as in the last two examples often elicit feelings of entitlement.  Entitlement compensates for a diminished level of self-esteem by allowing one to feel worthy enough to be entitled.  For example, if you value the fairness of “first-come first-serve,” then to feel angry when it is not honored allows you to feel good about your values.  If you get angry about being cut off by another driver, this reaction is simply a misguided way for you to express that you feel worthy because of your values (that you would not cut others off).  By allowing yourself to be angry, you are ineffectually trying to boost your self-esteem by indicating that you are better than another person.  (You may even be thinking right now that you would have the right to be angry because of such and such … but anger NEVERS improves a situation, therefore it harms only you.)

Any example of negative reactions can be reduced to their core to discover how the feelings stem from self-doubt or diminished self-esteem.  To find your happiest self, make a concentrated effort to follow your negative feelings to their core and uncover what they elicit in you.  Where might you feel inferior, inadequate, incompetent, or likewise, or where might you offset those feelings by overcompensating with feelings of superiority?

Any feeling of lacking worth that you may have are rooted in experiences that unintentionally separated you from the truth about you.  Feel the feelings, then remember the truth - you are lovable.  And you always will be.  Please elevate your happiness by stripping away your false feelings of self-doubt and replacing them with this empowered truth.  Your happiest self awaits!

If you would like some guidance to help you discover your happy path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session and let your guides reveal your truth to you.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, harmony, and peace.

“I just wanted you to know that I am still reeling from the session.  It was sooo very powerful, loving and wonderful.  I felt so comfortable with you and when you were speaking I could feel the love coming through.   

It’s difficult putting the experience into words, so thank you, thank you, thank you!  You have such a positive message that really needs to be heard at this time on EARTH.  Anxiously anticipating our next session!!!”  
-Tracy M., Phila., PA    

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1.  Your car needs $1000 in repair.
2.  You get shut out of a long-overdue promotion.
3.  Your checkout line is very long and when a new register opens, they take
      customers from behind you.
4.  Someone blatantly cuts you off while driving.