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The other benefit of this mapping system is that you shift from abstractly understanding what you want to clearly knowing what you want.  This shift allows your intention (target) to be more easily reached.  What you focus on will expand.
- Karen Garvey, The Map
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By Karen L. Garvey & her guides

Regardless of where you are in your perception of your successfulness, change is inevitable.  As you face bends in the road, the attainment of specific goals, challenging decisions, or even disillusionment, having a map can help you to unfold your path in a consistently improving manner.

One of the primary reasons individuals fall short of their goals is that they lose focus and enthusiasm.  Creating a map for yourself can provide you with an external trigger to keep you on task and will guide you from where you are to where you want to be.  It can help you stay committed in the long run by re-patterning your typical focus and actions.  

To begin the creation of your map, write down your goal.  State the goal clearly and as specifically as you’d like.  Next, brainstorm possibilities for getting to the targeted destination. (Brainstorming with a supportive partner enhances the process.)  Once you have a list of possibilities, choose the possibilities which you feel most enthusiastic about and create a To-Do list with those items.  Write down specific dates by which each task will be completed, then complete the tasks by their target dates.

On your To-Do list, add items that are fun (whether they are specifically connected to the goal or not).  For example, if you are seeking a new position and have the task of creating a resume on your list, you may add a line item of calling someone who believes in you to get their perspective on your strengths.  This task would act as an encouragement stimuli, allowing you to pause from some less exciting tasks to buoy your enthusiasm and belief in yourself.

As you cross items off your list, add new ones based on the next logical steps to take, new ideas generated, or from the initial brainstorming results.  Make sure your To-Do list has a balanced mix of being attainable and also giving a push in the right direction.  In other words, resist making the list so simplistic that your map will show the longest route from beginning to destination, but also respect that the shortest distance between two points is not always the best route.

The simple process of crossing items off your To-Do list provides momentum.  As you complete the tasks, keep the old lists for periodic review.  Looking over how much you have accomplished is an excellent way to garner encouragement to press forward.  Further, the more weeks pass, the more you will be able to witness changes that have occurred in parallel with your focus.  You will witness synchronicities, “signs” and messages, as support from the universe makes itself clear.  These encouragement guideposts will enhance your understanding of how interconnected we all are and how your focus is a driving force behind circumstances.

The other benefit of this mapping system is that you shift from abstractly understanding what you want to clearly knowing what you want.  This shift allows your intention (target) to be more easily reached.  What you focus on will expand.

The moment to take charge of your path is now.  There is no pattern or past happening that can prevent you from being in the driver’s seat of your journey beginning today.


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If you would like guidance to help you discover your harmonious path, contact Karen for personal or professional coaching.  Intuitive coaching allows you to discover shortcuts from where you are to where you want to be by attuning to information that can eliminate barriers and enhance success openings.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, love, and peacefulness.

“Sorry to have missed the seminar but happy to say that I have been listening to the audio and getting a lot out of it. For some reason my intuition has been on fire lately and very accurate. 

I was thinking yesterday how lucky I am to have met [my wife] … she turned me on to so many things but particularly this entire spiritual world and you.  She helped me to open my eyes and heart and it’s been a steady flow of information and understanding and love, ever since. You have been a very big part of this for me … so I want to thank you for everything.  I feel awake and alive, and overall, much happier with my life. I'm very zoned in with my business and trying to help [my wife] get through … a new direction. A lot of what you said at the seminar was helpful for us in that area.  Just wanted to say thanks again.” 
- Dave Kraus, NY