Karen L. Garvey
Author, Speaker, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach
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 locations in Manhattan, Babylon Village, New York or by telephone

Babylon Village, 

 Manhattan ONLY

Telephone Session
For more information or to schedule one-on-one sessions  call 1-866-263-3879 or email [email protected]
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"Thank you for your inspiring insights during the sessions.   I have always been fascinated by --- life, ESP, death, the hereafter and all the unknowns.   Your experiences and comments about the mysteries of the universe help to nourish and strengthen my intuitions and feelings."   -Sydney P., Lake Success, NY
Karen's ground breaking book.that started it all.  Learn the secrets to living a happy, meaningful life.
Let this book walk you through the steps to reconnect with your prosperous soul. The insights you gain will propel you toward understanding life and understanding your purpose.
to your questions about life
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One on One Intuitive Sessions with Karen Garvey
with Karen L. Garvey

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Sessions with Karen are insightful, memorable, and useful.  While traditional psychics may only be able to connect you with loved ones who have left the earth plane, Karen’s abilities take you further.  During these sessions, your guides provide the direction, cutting through to the core of individually valuable insights with stunning results.

You will learn answers to questions about your life, guidance with choices you are facing, and real steps to make your life a happier one.  By now, most people understand that souls are eternal – you never die.  Many psychics can bring you comfort through this realization.  Karen brings you not only evidence of this eternal existence, but more importantly, clear-sighted ideas about improving your life.

Karen does not predict negative events or outcomes.  The sessions are warm, compassionate, and surrounded by your loving guides.  Your guides and loved ones want you to be happy.  Karen brings together these souls for the common benefit of helping you achieve new levels of joy.

What You May Expect

  • To uncover your purpose
  • Discovery of direction in a difficult choice you are facing
  • Answers to questions that have been on your mind
  • Peace of mind
  • To know what happens when you die
  • To learn how to improve your wealth, health, or relationships
  • A realization of how to be happier

Session Fees

Telephone / Babylon Village - $185
*(additional sessions within 30 days - $165)

Manhattan - $250

To schedule a session or for rates at other locations call 631.265.2982 or email [email protected]

You will be contacted to schedule your appointment.