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by Karen Garvey on 12/07/17

This essay is a continuation of the previous month's essay “What are we doing here.”  

[REMINDER from last month: There are four unique vehicles for discovery on earth that cannot be explored in other realms.  I can assist you in remembering many things that you forgot due to earth amnesia by explaining these miraculous tools for discovery.  During the next month’s essays, I will address each vehicle with tips about how to make each a beneficial opportunity rather than a force of resistance.]

TIME’s value as a vehicle for discovery is profound.  In the energy realm, there are no limits.  As souls without bodies, we can focus, achieve, expand, experience, be, see, touch, enjoy anything we want, whenever we want.  We can also experience the projection of our thoughts instantaneously, so we become immediately aware of the power and nuances of our thoughts.

One of the most profound tools for discovery that the earth plane offers us is the value of cause and effect.  Since we are linear here and for every action there is a reaction, we learn by witnessing what happens.

It’s all a great big game of “What If.”  Think about it.  From your youngest years …

What if I shove this in the socket?

What if I don’t listen to mommy?

What if I scream because I’m not allowed candy?

I remember when my son was two, we were sitting on our deck with a feral kitten that had decided to become a part of our family.  There was a bucket nearby filled with rainwater.  My son loved this kitten.  I’d never seen anything make him so happy and loving.  All of a sudden, he picked up the kitten and dropped her into the bucket of water!  My first reaction was to yell at him and criticize his cruelty.  I was shocked he would do something so unkind.  Then (thank goodness for intuition), I quickly realized that he simply didn’t know the consequence.  I put him in the bath, right?  He played in the pool, right?  So, I redirected myself fast before I blew the moment.  I rescued the kitten and said to him, “cats don’t like water at all.”  He took the wet kitten from my arms and crawled in my lap holding her.

Little by little, the consequence of our “what ifs” tell us our place in the world.  They accumulate to define life for us, a definition that is a unique consequence of what we, specifically, experience.  Those “what if” answers are all over the place.  Some guide us to safety, some guide us to fear.  Some guide us to know that we are loveable, others demonstrate that we’re unworthy.  Some seem to say that we’re invisible, yet others let us know that we are powerful.

We grow up and the “what ifs” continue.  

What if I call her stupid?

What if don’t study?

What if I sing in front of everybody?

Every single thing we do shapes our life definition.

What if I quit the team?

What if I talk back to my teacher?

What if cry?

As adults, we still play the “what if’ game in every action.

What if I’m late for work?

What if I pay for the coffee for the woman on line behind me?

What if I apply for this job?

What if spend hours on my phone?

The choices of our actions tell us what we need to know.  But things get unpredictable when we add people into the mix, because people are unpredictable.

What if I ask him out? 

What if I text her?

What if I forget to say, “Happy Birthday”?

So, we learn to trust or mistrust or override our “what ifs” as we agree to the message of earlier consequences. Perhaps we don’t make the team twice.  Do we try again?  If we feel we’re resilient and talented, we override the message that “you won’t make the team” when you try out.   Likewise, if we lack confidence, we move on, either in shame or in acceptance of the idea that we’re not good enough.

Cause and effect as a tool for discovery becomes far more profound when we begin to realize that our thoughts, and our energy, and our beliefs, create reactions.  When we recognize that we are the drivers of our reality, we can begin to see the consequence of our thoughts and feelings.  What happens when you live in fear?  The universe brings you a lot of happenings that are consequences of fear.  What if you are really confident up at bat?  The universe reacts with a good batting average. 

What if we do and do and do and do?  The universe whispers to us to slow down, to be quiet.

Consequence guides us to our souls’ discoveries in staggering ways.  When we pay attention and credit our thoughts, actions, feelings, and beliefs for our circumstances, we have aha moments.  We grow and we expand.  We get closer to the vibration of love which is our primary goal in choosing a physical life to begin with.


Perhaps the surest way to allow the cause/effect dynamic to work for you instead of against you is to improve your self-love.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Self-love is the foundation for all success and happiness.  Your level of self-love right now is a consequence of your lifetime “what if” game.  In some areas, you may feel on top of the world, and in others, you may whither.  It’s a journey to regain your love of self, the love that you knew before you were born.

Self-confidence brings forth an unlimited knowingness and changes your energy to magnetize in positive people, experiences, and opportunities.  As you grow your love of self, you become more attractive on the outside.  You become more magnetic, more likable.  You have a stronger sense of your life purpose which allows you to align with people and circumstances that will bring fulfillment to you and others.  Confidence is sexy, determined, and unstoppable. 

Yes, there are a lot of great things you can do out there, but do it all from a position of remembering how awesome you truly are.

Cause and effect are brilliant tools that time allows us to experience.  Remember, time is on your side if you let it be. 


Comments (5)

1. Bill Hytner said on 12/8/17 - 10:44AM
Excellent wisdom. This seems to go right to the heart of what you mean when you say “there are no coincidences “. Our thoughts and actions create the cause that sets off the energy that creates the effect good or bad. That’s brilliant. Sort of you are definitely going to reap what you sow. Thanks for sharing. Happy thoughts ! Shine On ??��
2. Karen Garvey said on 12/8/17 - 12:00PM
Thank you, Bill, for your very thoughtful message :-)
3. Karen Garvey said on 12/8/17 - 12:01PM
Thank you, Bill, for your very thoughtful message :-)
4. Bill Hytner said on 12/9/17 - 12:14PM
Cause and effect C= E mathematical. C=E then E becomes C and you have C=E over and over again. Seems like that’s why doing the same thing over and over doesn’t change the outcome unless you shift your thoughts . Who knows how long C=E meant fathers hit their sons in my family tree. That’s a negative but it works the same way in a positive way too. That’s what makes it so profound when you say “find the benefits in every bad situation” so you can change the equation C=E. How’s the cat doing, did he learn to swim.
5. Karen Garvey said on 12/11/17 - 09:32AM
Good point, Bill! Just for the record, the cat can swim :-)

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