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The purpose of a Vision Board is to create a visual depiction of what you want.  Using words and images, outlay a collage of the items you want to come into your life. - Karen Garvey
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EnVision Board your Future
By Karen L. Garvey & her guides

For years, I resisted teaching clients and audiences how to create Vision Boards because I believed there were so many valuable resources out there to turn to that I didn’t want to be duplicative.  However, I dedicated an Enlightenment Power Group evening to the creation of Vision Boards and the results exceeded my expectations.  Many clients found shifts and improvements before the next meeting a month later.  Now, three months later, the shifts continue with clients sharing stories of major improvements in their lives.  I realize it’s worth sharing my perspective to offer individuals just one more tool toward manifesting all they desire.

The purpose of a Vision Board is to create a visual depiction of what you want.  Using words and images, outlay a collage of the items you want to come into your life.  There are no limits as to what you can envision, but there are a few guidelines which enhance the successfulness of your creation as a tool for manifesting your life as you envision it.

We used large white boards approximately 20” x 24”.  You can use any size that you’re comfortable with, but bear in mind that it’s beneficial to keep your completed board somewhere visible to you.  Make sure that the size you choose can be easily displayed where you would want it to be.

You needn’t have any artistic talent for the creation of your board.  We used magazines, stickers, alphabet stencils and stickers, markers, paints, etc.  Choose whatever media you enjoy using.  If you’re comfortable drawing or painting, feel free to express yourself.

After you cut and paste and draw and decorate and label and paint with everything you want, revel in it.  Enjoy your creation.  Let waves of happiness and optimism sweep over you.  Then, after complete, view your board a couple of times a day with the intention of allowing the powerful universe to magnetize the board’s depictions to you.  And be sure to make changes when it feels right.

One more useful suggestion is to consider organizing a group to create boards at the same time with supportive friends.  The energy can be even more uplifting if you enjoy the companionship of those who are creating their individual boards together.

Oh yeah, and HAVE FUN!  

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If you would like guidance to help you discover your harmonious path, contact Karen for personal or professional coaching.  Intuitive coaching allows you to discover shortcuts from where you are to where you want to be by attuning to information that can eliminate barriers and enhance success openings.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, love, and peacefulness.

“Sorry to have missed the seminar but happy to say that I have been listening to the audio and getting a lot out of it. For some reason my intuition has been on fire lately and very accurate. 

I was thinking yesterday how lucky I am to have met [my wife] … she turned me on to so many things but particularly this entire spiritual world and you.  She helped me to open my eyes and heart and it’s been a steady flow of information and understanding and love, ever since. You have been a very big part of this for me … so I want to thank you for everything.  I feel awake and alive, and overall, much happier with my life. I'm very zoned in with my business and trying to help [my wife] get through … a new direction. A lot of what you said at the seminar was helpful for us in that area.  Just wanted to say thanks again.” 
- Dave Kraus, NY

1.  Believe that what you place on the board is possible to achieve.  Doubt makes it
challenging or impossible for the items to be magnetized to you.
2.  If necessary, downgrade an item in order to make it believable.  You have your
whole future to upgrade any part of the board as the items come forth.
3.  Be playful. The process should be infused with fun and levity.  This project is
meant to enhance the quality of your life.
4.  Consider co-creating a board with a partner in a specific arena of your life.  For
example, if you have a business partner, co-create your vision of the prosperous
future of the company together on a board.
5.  Understand that the board can be changed at any time.  You can paste over items
you no longer want, those you have achieved, or those which you want to
6.  Suspend judgment.  That means don’t judge your ability as an artist or your
choices in what you want.  Be free.  Free of judgment and free of self-criticism. 
7.  Be imaginative.  Use color, words, and images freely and creatively.
8.  Did I mention “Have fun?”   Well, HAVE FUN!